Prayer to Pray for Any Who have Suicidal Thoughts

I acknowledge that You God are over all things, that nothing happens without your knowledge – for you are the Creator. You are greater than the feelings that plague me right now. So, I ask for Your help and rescue from this deadly place I am trapped in. Show me the way out, and let me see that there is goodness, love and hope in my life. Open my eyes so I may see what you want to show me, open my mind so I may understand what it is You want me to know and learn. I ask that you help me to turn away from the things that bring me into this place – or that you would remove them. My desire is to live the life you have planned for me, I don’t know how – and ask that you show me the way. Please protect me from myself, in this moment of my life – and show me the way out. I ask that I will be able to see your light that will guide me in the way and the truth where I may find peace and joy. Amen.

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