These are people, teachings and concepts that I think are worth sharing with others:

Keith Malcomson from Limerick City Church burns with the Word of the Lord for today.  He is intense and rightly so, for too many are falling asleep!  Here he warns us of what is now on the world stage:  The Great Reset PT 5

David Pawson speaks on Grace which I believe is what is true biblical grace –  link is here

LastTrumpetBlast YouTube Channel contains insightful teachings as the Teacher digs deep into the original language and history of the Bible, I have many favorite teachings but this one in particular was a series on the Tabernacle of the Lord

Sermon Index is another Youtube Channel that has a great wealth of solid preaching.  My particular favorite is a series title:  Sermon Clips

This sister has brief exhortations in what many do not or are unwilling to be spoken, she wastes no time and gets to the point, and found on Motivating2Win

Keith Daniel is a preacher who preaches what we need to hear, but often don’t want to hear, a good message that is often not spoken enough in his message:  Servants of Sin

These are newly found YouTube Channel Scripture of the Day & Bro Andrew, they both are biblical bite size teachings and are presented very well.