What determines Your identity?

The world’s philosophy says that your past is what determines your future.  You are the product of what you have experienced, or genetically inherited.

This kind of idea is not found inn the Kingdom of God. Who we are has nothing to do with us at all, but who Jesus Christ is.

Our past mistakes, wounds, trauma, genetics, environment, illness, mental state of mind and all the rest are what defines who we are – according to the world.  Even if our past is full of impressive accomplishments where we obtained honor and esteem by others; this is not what determines who we are, in the eyes of God. 

Jesus and His life in us determines our identity and standing as sons and daughters of God.  Romans 8: 8-10.

As believers in Christ our challenge is to notice when we allow the world’s way to determine our importance, worth or identity – and change this.  

For example, illness or state of mind does not determine who we are and when we say things like, ‘my eczema, my headache, my diabetes is bothering me’ or ‘I am bipolar’ in a way says, this is who I am.    

What IS mine is Jesus Christ.  I am in Christ, which is who I am.  I may suffer from one of these things.  I think it is important that we speak what is true and say it this way, ‘I have eczema and it is especially troublesome today.’  

It is good to not only remind ourselves that these are not who we are, but also to remind the enemy of our soul, who we are.  

In the same way, our childhood does not determine who we are either.  He is greater than the most traumatic experiences known to us – that is what we look to.    

The seed of Christ (Matt 13:1-23) is who we now contain, and sometimes we just don’t provide the Lord soil and room to grow up in Him that will stunt our growth in Him. It may be small things we think or say, but they still affect us nevertheless in understanding and walking in who we truly are.  Phil 3.

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