Is Jesus Alive in You?

Our Lord is the God of the Living because He is alive. Matt 22:32.  When He enters a soul who yields themselves to Him He quickens them by His Spirit and they will breathe the first (true) breath of life- receiving His Spirit.  For before this we are dead.  We don’t realize we are dead, until God makes us alive because then we experience the contrast by His presence.  To try to tell someone they are dead, for the most part hard to do because by all logical accounts they will argue they are very much alive! 

We are once again in the season when the Lord’s death, burial and resurrection is observed by millions and is no better a time for the Gospel to be preached.  This is good! 

But there is also an extreme sadness and that is many who profess to be Christians do not know they are still dead in their sins!   They have believed in the Lord’s death, burial and resurrection but have not yet followed Him so they too may experience it.  Romans 6.  

Yes we are to believe!  But practically speaking, the testimony of those who believe is not ‘I believe!’, but rather, ‘I was once dead but now I am Alive!’ Romans 8.

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