Healing of disease Jesus gives us Today

I firmly believe that Jesus came to heal us of our diseases and that in Him is sufficient resurrection power to do such a miraculous work.  But when we speak this out, among each other, there is a strange air in the room.  We tread carefully on this subject because we know so many dear, devoted, and faithful men and women of God who are bound in infirmity.    

I remember on the few occasions I worked in accounting I quickly learned that the accountant’s sweet spot is when they reconcile the accounts to completion and that is to have a zero balance.  When there is one transaction that cannot be justified – and remains outstanding what frustration it is and is like having a sliver in your finger and you can’t do anything until you get it out!  In accountant terms, we have the healing that Christ has given us on the credit side, and we need to find the transaction that corresponds on our side, which is the debit so we can be reconciled to God.  To be clear, God has fully reconciled Himself to us through Christ but to learn and experience His fullness and power we go on to personally and specifically apply this to our lives.  This is not a salvation issue, but are issues that keep us from entering into the depths and riches of the Lord’s Kingdom. 

What are the usual suspects we are looking for?

  1. Areas where we need to forgive others and/or ourselves
  2. Recognizing an act(s) done to us, or by us – that was the gateway for Satanic power in our lives

Satan is so evil that he takes advantage of our vulnerability and why so much damage can be incurred in our childhood (and in the womb) or through trauma we incur. So it is important to examine our lives, with the help of the Holy Spirit using the lens of the Word of God.  This is why the discovery process must be with the Lord only He knows the point or root of our issue. 

The power of sin in our lives will manifest in a kill, steal and destroy fashion.  If we are bound by infirmity, this is the power of sin.  Some are offended by this. We must understand that it is not about a personal attack on one’s faith in the Lord but rather understanding the insidiousness of sin! 

If I were to ask a psychologist, they will tell you incredible accounts of the way the mind will compartmentalize and even split to deal with trauma.  This is on the level of physical, mental, and emotional.  If this is true how much more so in the spiritual?  

Jesus said these words:   Which is easier, to say, ‘Your sins are forgiven you,’ or to say, ‘Rise up and walk’?

In His saying this He revealed His forgiveness and infirmity are tied to one thing:  Sin.  The sin that is done to us, and the sin we do.  In the case of a babe in the womb, the sin of their mother or father may be inherited.  Our parents are our protective authority.  They bless us.  But, if they continue to practice sin, they will pass this on – as our inheritance.  Witchcraft is one that easily flows to vulnerable children.  Homosexuality is another.  To the child in the womb, our parents are our first line of defense or the gateway to all kinds of evil. 

Much of what happens to us that brings injury is done through ignorance.  The Word says that ‘My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.’ Hosea 4:6.  If we do not have an intimate and active life with the Lord in meeting with Him in prayer, or diligently seeking Him in the word, He will only be able to reach or relate to us at the level and depths we give to Him.  He gives us – Himself, by how much we desire to have.  Paul exhorts us time and time again about the depths and riches of the Lord and His Kingdom.  God does not hand out the secrets and mysteries of His Gospel to anyone, but only those who are looking.  We have to have eyes to see and ears to hear the things of His Kingdom. 

As Christians, we know that Jesus has come to set the captives free, on a heart and mind level.  But our bodies tell us otherwise.  In fact, our bodies dictate to us that this is not so!   Practically speaking, we are walking around in tents that are perishing due to sin that entered the human at the fall  and of course, we will experience sickness and disease because we live in ‘bodies of death.’  The point here is that we may seek healing for a great deal of what we are experiencing because it is a spiritual attack!

I also would like to say that even though we may have forgiven from our heart and mind people who have sinned against us that our body may not have.  Our body is an amazing complexity and has a mind of its own!  For example, we can all remember how when we get nervous we get what is known as butterflies in our stomach, which is the description of the presence of nervous energy in us.  If we continue in this state, our body may develop diarrhea or constipation by this.  We all have heard that ‘stress kills.’ It has been scientifically proven that stress can manifest in our bodies – physically where our body will take the hit.  The sin or trauma that we incur or the chronic stress will settle in us somewhere to take root to go on to develop into sickness or disease.  I am almost completely convinced that the source of the autoimmune disease is the root of sin and base this on my own experiences and what I have learned in my research.  I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 2008 and Hashimoto’s disease in 2019 both autoimmune.  I do not have these – any longer and believe it is through addressing sin in my life; my own sin and the sins of others.  When powerful emotions such as bitterness, hatred, helplessness, fear, rejection, and confusion – that many are under for a good portion of their lives, will segue into our bodies and establish themselves physically. 

Many of us who are seeking forgiveness have also forgiven those who have harmed us in the past yet we still suffer.  I believe that we must command our body to forgive too!  And command our body to release all the tension it has stored in the form of hatred, rejection, bitterness, etc.  We are not subject to our body, our body is to be subject to us! Matt 8:9.  These have been hidden in us without our knowing, or have been in the dark.  There is power when we expose darkness and bring it to the light and where we receive the washing away of our sins; 1 John 1:7

The devil looks for doors he can go through and will use moments of trauma too and as I have already stated, through ignorance and the sins of our parents.   Would this not be something we at least look into in His Word? 

Hear the words of Jesus: Your faith has made you well! And take that with you in the secret chambers of your heart with the light of the word to go and apply His blood to the places where you have been bound. Wait there, to listen for we may have other things He wants to address too. For my own experience, it was a process.

Here is a list of a few scriptures and leave the rest for the Lord to continue to lead those who should want to go on further with the Lord. Amen.

Matt 15:17-20, Luke 13:10-13, Luke 13:16

Romans 7:24-25 , Romans 8:1-4  ,1 Cor 9:26-27 , James 4:7 

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