As the Lord’s Household, we do not belong to this world and are only passing through as pilgrims.  Our belongings are few and we pack light for easy travel.  Is this true for you?  Are we rooted in this world in its systems and customs or are we rooted in Christ?  It is one or the other.  Personally, it is a continual battle where I must remind myself of where my home truly is.  The temptation for all of us is making decisions that are based in this world without any thought toward our eternal home.  It is not a matter of choosing good over evil but instead more finely tuned as to who/what do we put our trust in?  People who are regarded highly in their expertise and education can be who we choose to put our faith in over the Lord Jesus Christ.  We are tempted to be pulled by what the majority are doing over what the Word of God says. Jesus has left us with His commands and the greatest is to love the Lord God with all our strength.  What does it mean to love the Lord?  How do we take on such a grand task? 

Whoever has my commands and keeps them is the one who loves me. The one who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I too will love them and show myself to them.” John 14:21

In the old covenant, God’s people had to follow 613 laws.  Through Jesus these laws no longer apply to us but does that mean we have no rules to follow?  Actually, Jesus has given us over 1000 new ones!  See this LINK to see what they are.  All that Jesus taught and revealed to Paul is for our learning and obedience.  What He said was not optional but given to us so we would be faithful to God and able to overcome this world and its storms; Matt 7:26-27.

As pilgrims of God, we are experiencing a greater hostility towards the Lord and His Word in our lives and around us.  The Word of God is called hate speech today, which makes sense because what God says about what is considered acceptable ruffles a lot of feathers, to say the least!   

The Lord is coming to gather His own (John 14) – are we ready?

The Lord is looking for those who will love and look for His appearing; 2 Tim 2:7-9

Jesus looks for faith when He comes.  To have faith is to be faithful to the Lord;  Luke 8:18

If we are still tied to this world we will be distracted and not be in any hurry to get prepared.  The time of the end is here and if you do not know this then you are not paying attention to what the Word says or recognizing the signs of the times Jesus has warned us of. 

The Lord is coming soon, and the question is, will we be about the Father’s business?  If you do not possess an inner urgency for the day and hour we are at is an indication that something is seriously wrong.  

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