Be Freed from Fear

We will have one of these, a fear of the Lord or we will be fearful.

To fear the Lord will mean we will also be ones who will quickly depart from evil.

We will fear displeasing our Lord.   It is not to be compared to one who is afraid of a tormentor and will comply so they do not make their tormentor angry!  The fear of the Lord is pure and clean.  Like a small child wanting to please daddy because he loves him. 

Those fearful will be led by a spirit of fear and the god of this world.  He will be like a mobster, a god-father who uses fear to control them.  Fear is the root of what usually becomes our bondage.  Depression, shame, all addictions, worry and anxiety, anger, greed, drugs, and alcohol all stem from fear speaking to us. 

Fear is the opposite and enemy of faith. 

We see this as Fear debuted in the garden of Eden, telling them they were naked and needed to be ashamed and run away from God.  There are those who are obviously running from God, but then there are others not so obvious. Many of us ignore areas, traits and habits in our lives that are not God pleasing. When we ignore them we are no better then ones who hide from God.  Faith says come to light. 

The godfather of this world has made fear a fact and is a truth to live by.   We must be on guard to this and vigil to reject its attempts to buy in.

We have an example of how fear works in a Christian when Peter was invited to walk with Jesus upon the water; Matt 13:22-33.  Jesus asked Him why did you doubt?  He looked at the waves and the wind – as the facts and truth of the situation while Jesus stood there with Him – who is the truth.   When we let our minds speak fear as fact, based on what we see, perceive and feel, as Peter did we will sink like him by the power of fear.

It is by faith (in Christ), that we overcome fear.  How do we grow in faith?  By filling our minds and hearts with the truth of who He is. 

Why are you cast down, O my soul?
And why are you disquieted within me?
Hope in God, for I shall yet praise Him                                                                                    For the help of His countenance.  Ps 42:5

Fear is real.  It seeks to take us down.  It watches us, sees our ways and personality, and uses our vulnerabilities to its advantage. 

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.  2 Tim 1:7

We cannot reject fear unless we realize it exists as more than a feeling but as a spirit and/or a mindset.

We must be introspective and oversee why we act and react to certain people, situations, and thoughts so we may identify fear if it is present. 

Jesus is waiting for us to join Him in walking on water.  We cannot pray for this; He has already made a way, and fear is the only thing that stands in the way!  But we must remember that fear will always be there, telling us why walking on water is not such a good idea! 

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