The Rapture – will come as a Thief in the night. 1 Thess 5

Ancient Jewish tradition had the groom of the betrothed go to his father’s house to build – on the family’s dwelling his own home for himself and his bride.  He would return to her when His father saw all that was needed doing was done.  The groom would then come unannounced and scoop her away as a ‘thief in the night.’  This is why Jesus admonished his people, the Church, to be ready for his coming so she would not be caught off guard because she would be daily making herself ready for His arrival, in anticipation with much excitement. Listen to the ancient Jewish Wedding process explained – by Chuck Missler:  click this link.  We hear how it aligns perfectly with Jesus’s words and what He has already done in fulfilling this!

Conversely, within the betrothed, there are those that Jesus describes as foolish in Matt 25.  Today, one of the ways the foolish virgins are identified is the lack of enthusiasm for the soon arrival of our Lord because of the attachment they have to the things of this world. 

We see how the day is growing dark so that the twinkling of the eye moment is upon us; 1 Cor 15:51-53.  The words PEACE and SAFETY are the cries of the world today.  This cry is not to the Creator and God Almighty but to the rulers and god of this age; 2 Cor 4:3-4, 2 Thess 2:5-12

We see how many dwell with us, as fellow believers who are foolish because they do not keep their oil supply up, and why they will be given over to the lie and ultimately the liar of this world.  They are those who have lived a great deal, if not all, their Christian life in seeking others and things for knowledge and understanding of the things of the Spirit and Truth rather than the Spirit Himself.  Unfortunately, modern churches have provided many props, hype, entertainment, with various gimmicks to facilitate this.  The fruit of such is believers who walk their faith at arms-length from the Lord.  Whether one is well-schooled in the scriptures, great orators and expounders of the Word, or who have earned notoriety and prominence, they may know of the Lord but have not allowed the Lord to know them; Matt 7:21-23. This can only happen when we yield ourselves to the Word and submit to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

It is the Holy Spirit who enables us to become one with God and His Son, so we may know and be known by God; John 17: 20-23.  Through the OIL or Holy Spirit is how we abide in Christ and overcome this world – and will produce His fruits of righteousness; John 15.   In failure to be one with the Lord, through His Spirit, one cannot recognize the times we are in, both prophetically and spiritually.  Not only this but will be consumed by our flesh and this world; 1 John 2:15-17

In 1 Thess 5, Paul tells us that when we hear, ‘peace and safety!’ being proclaimed in all the earth – this is when the Day of the Lord will come where sudden destruction – will be followed.  The rapture of the Church will be on the heels of this moment.  Something significant will come across the entire world in the form of DESTRUCTION upon His Bride’s departure.  All hell will break loose because God’s restraint will also be removed in which the earth has enjoyed up until this point.  The world will feel the absence of God’s restraint, for evil to come will be unlike any other day we have lived;  2 Thess 2: 5-12. The day of the rapture will be both great and terrible.  One will be the beginning of celebration and joy, and the other, great and terrible dread.

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  1. The king of the North is reaching out his hand to the nations he has reached out even to Damascus. He is having struggles with the king of the south even tho it may seem like they are friends right now. The harlot the financial system is dying and the travelling merchants already starting to mourn. 1/3 of the river and oceans will become bitter. God will not allow the entire earth to be destroyed. Nuclear war will not destroy the whole planet that is a lie leaders use not to confront or stand up to nuclear powers and instead keep taking bribes etc to betray their own voters who put faith in them. Soon there will be no place to hide for them even in the mountains and bunker. Thy will be done


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