The Secret Place

As saints of God, our privilege is safety that is supernatural, which means that our life is in the Lord’s hands, which means that no matter what men may threaten or do, it is the Lord who says yes or no. We submit to God and do not fear men, laws, threats, or all the rest.

God says to us,

I am near to all who are near to Me. Do not veer off into foreign land but know your dwelling place is not found here on earth. 

Seek the Kingdom in all your seeking. 

Do not be distracted by the threats of today. Your place of safety is not found in men or their methods. Learn what this means as if your very life depends upon it (because it does) and the key into the secret place:

‘I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.’ 

A few features about the secret place:

  • Is so close to God; ‘under the shadow of God’ Psalm 91
  • We are anchored to hope Heb 6:17-19
  • Is our refuge and strong confidence Proverbs 14
  • Where we learn the Lord’s secrets Psalm 25
  • To all who fear the Lord and also trust in Him He offers a hiding place Psalm 31
  • When we lose our life in dying to Self and this World, we are found hidden in Christ Col 3

There is no doubt we are surrounded by much fear, confusion, division and anger. It is our path to not allow these to move us so we join in but to find always – the secret place.

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