Psalm 119 Day to Day

This is a new series in which I will attempt to take Psalm 119 in small bite-sized pieces to highlight a perspective that relates to us today in the New Covenant, which is Christ in us – who is our hope and Glory; Col 1:27. This Psalm is so rich, and what I hope to offer is merely a grain of sand upon a vast seashore!  My intent, Lord willing, is to look and find the Way,Truth and Life (John 14:6); through this passionate prayer the author prays and may we too pray this Psalm as a prayer equal in passion to our Lord Jesus Christ. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is not just a way to enter in the heavenly realm but is our way of life today and through this particular Psalm I will attempt to show how this is so!

Psalm 119 Day to Day can be found on the Menu bar on the top of this site’s main page, and for any who would like to have the weekly addition sent via email please sign up there is a sign up form.

May the Lord Bless Psalm 119 Day to Day through His Word- Amen!

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