Last Hour

As believers in Christ we are His soldiers enlisted in His battle every moment of the day. What most often comes to mind when the term battle and warfare come up are from Ephesians 6 ‘we do not wrestle against flesh and blood’ and certainly is important to know but should not be seen as the only battle there is. We also have the battle to fight against unbelief, against error and deception for truth and against walking according to our flesh in its feelings, emotions, lusts and fears vs walking in the Spirit by faith.

In pondering this past year and in light of such battles that come against us I think it important to be reminded these truths:

  1. There are only two kinds of wisdom: wisdom that is of word of God and Spiritual & wisdom that is of the god of this world which is rooted in earthly and carnal mind.
  2. Through the trials of life, God tests and grows us more into the image and likeness of His Son and only when we walk by faith can this be accomplished.  
  3. Fear is the nemesis of faith and what is being propagated throughout the entire world. 

As believers and followers in Christ, we are to be separate from the world and all its trappings, and the question to ask ourselves is is this true for us?

We cannot be a true follower of Christ and also be one who just goes along with the flow, for we have an adversary who is the devil who looks for such as these so he will consume and bring into his web.

The mass media outlets and their propaganda are hell-bent on rallying the masses together – so we are conformed to its rhetoric, and we must be willing to see this!  Quite frankly, if we do not see this shows we are under its spell and control. 

The people of God who are diligent to follow Jesus Christ and His Gospel and willing to do what His Word says will hear Him above all else and prove the will of God in our lives. The world will conform us, His Word will transform us. 

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. Romans 12:2

Today is a good day to do an inventory of who/what we are putting our faith in.  Let us be mindful of what consumes our thoughts?  What are the topics that we talk about with others? What we think and speak reveals who/what we serve and love.

The Lord will show each of us where we must get ourselves in line with His Word only if we are serious and willing to hear what He reveals through it. 

We are in the end of days, at the last hour and if we are not about our Father’s (God) business, and making sure that our spiritual house in order – then we are the masses that are under the satanic lie.

May we be a people strong and unmoved as lights that shine in this present darkness, as we submit ourselves to the Lord, resist the devil and love and serve the Lord with all our hearts, minds and strength – Amen.   

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