Unbelief Dressed Up

Now He did not do many mighty works there because of their unbelief – Matthew 13:58

We often walk in unbelief without even knowing it, and to this aim, we set ourselves up for difficulties to come.  Whenever we put our trust in anything other than God, we are basically signing off on the Lord for Him to do anything for us.   The trap we lay for ourselves is when we place our faith upon logic and reason.  How many times do we ‘believe for the Lord to have His way’ while in truth, we believe what makes the most sense, only to have the fairy tale we have built around us collapse. Along with this, we no longer have peace and begin to struggle in anxiety and depression not connecting the dots that our faith in Christ has shifted to become about faith in faith.  We live our lives as believers trying to pound our square peg (logic & reason) into the round hole (faith in Christ) and become battle weary.  We become exhausted and face burn out yet we still do not see what our need truly is to make proper adjustments.

What adds to our delay to seeing in what is true is we will blame the enemy, either human or demonic as our cause for our plight. We enlist an army of prayer warriors on our behalf and ‘stand on the promises of God.’ May the Lord’s grace find us in our folly so we may see!

The Lord will not accompany us in unbelief, and the sooner we see this is so, the sooner we can get back up and join Him in all the things He wants to accomplish in us and through us. 

When is the last time we ‘walked on water’ in the raging of a storm?  Matt 14:28-30. Or gave our last bit of oil so that the Lord could multiply it? 2 Kings 4:1-7.  Or walk in a furnace of flaming fire? Daniel 3.  In these places, we join the Lord in exploits only He can do, and it starts with the ordinary everyday walk of faith in Him – not in what seems right, sounds right and even is right but who He is and says.  If we don’t get this, we will be double-minded, which is a life of confusion. James 1:2-8.  

How many opportunities do we pass up where God wants to prove Himself not only to us but the world around us for His Glory and Honor? 

There are areas in each of us where we walk in unbelief unknowingly- areas that we have not yet surrendered to Him, and may we boldly ask Him to show us where this may be. 

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