Moving On With the Lord

The Lord will fill our lives with Himself to the degree we give to Him in surrender. The victories we have depend solely on how much we are willing to surrender to Him. To believe in Jesus Christ as Savior is one out of two steps in our faith profession and is incomplete unless we also believe (and follow) Jesus as Lord. We will surrender to anyone/thing that we make Lord of our lives.
Our dependency must not ever be upon our feelings and human rationale nor how we make choices and decisions in life. If so, they will be our snare and source of stumbling and fall. When we surrender to the Lord and put our faith in Him and what He says is where we depend and determines the outcome.
We may be the most (biblically/spiritually) ignorant convert. Still, as long as we understand and practice humility before God to place our trust in Jesus Christ and walk in His light, we will not remain ignorant. It is by the light of Christ that He brings us into the everlasting Word that our souls’ hunger and thirst for. If we are not ‘eating’ and ‘drinking’ the Word, we do not avail ourselves to the light and must take measures to align ourselves aright.
When we come to places of spiritual stagnancy, this may indicate that the Lord is revealing our need to surrender something that prevents us from going further with Him. Our ‘dry’ places are not always because of unconfessed sin or spiritual complacency but the place for moving on into greater depths with the Lord.

Our going on with the Lord is where we grow and our duty as each member of His Body and benefit to one another and God’s gift to His Body: Ephesians 4:11-24

I know for myself, we need a reminder that as we continue to walk with the Lord, we will come to places where it is time to move on with Him. And to encourage us in the Lord that it is time to ‘let go some more’ to enter in the place He is calling us. May the Lord direct us as He did long ago with the fire by night and the cloud at day so we will see when He is moving on – that we go with Him. Amen!

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