Foolish Faith

Many gatherings have recently occurred mainly in the US, from what has been called revival encounters to prayer walks and praise concerts with high ranking Christian names taking the lead with impressive numbers in attendance.  The concerted assembly gathering in the name of Jesus , this is good, yes?  I believe God is pleased, provided we have true hearts for Him but not convinced this is the case for the majority who attend.

The Lord hates it when people do things for Him out of an empty and untrue heart toward Him; Is 29:13. Even if we believe we are doing good. How can we go out, and praise Him, seek Him in prayer, and even ‘repent’ if we don’t do this in our own personal time – and expect to be taken serious by God?

Let us ask ourselves some truth defining questions.  Do we have a secret place with the Lord?  Ps 91:1-2.  A place where we (daily) make time to pray and commune, worship and praise Him? Does this place expand into our life choices and our lifestyles?  If this is true, then we are those who walk true to the Lord in faith.  If we were true in our faith, then I believe that when we gathered in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ in such capacity as these gatherings, we would see great and mighty things taking place by the Hand of God.  The world needs only one thing and that is that we be a people who are true to the Lord. Right now, the world is in chaos and more than ever do we need to get our lives and faith in order – and not making it about attending such gatherings in name only!

Anyone can say they have faith in Jesus, but does that make it true?   James says that how our faith is outworking will reveal if it is true or not.  One will be alive, the other dead.  Just as Jesus rebuked the church for saying that they said they were alive, but He charged that they were, in fact, dead; Rev 3:1.   What is the missing link from being dead to alive in our faith?  I believe it is the active indwelling presence of God’s Holy Spirit.  As His Spirit leads us, we are His Sons and Daughters – who will produce life changing and world-changing evidences of such examples as listed below: 

  • Will love and make it our aim to know the Word. Ps 119:140
  • Will allow the Word to change us as we obey it.  Rom 12:2  John 6:63  1 John 2:3-6.
  • Will be a doer of the Word; James 2
  • Will have the Lord on their heart and mind continually; Matt 22:37
  • Will purposefully make time to come together with other believers to share and learn and be edified in Christ, with one another- whenever and wherever we can (not just one hour a week once a week). Will love our brothers & sisters in Christ; 1 John 2:9-11 and will give to each as they have a need – as all things are in common; Acts 4:32
  • Will be burdened and grieved against false teachers and preaching. 2 Cor 11:1-15
  • Will love our neighbor as ourselves. Gal 5:14
  • Will be burdened for lost souls.  Jude 1:20-23
  • Will participate in the making of disciples for Christ; Matt 28:18-20
  • Will desire to pray and come before the Lord in prayer; Rom 12:12,  and worship; Rom 12:1
  • Will be able to discern evil and good; Heb 5:14,  and will separate from what is not of God and the world; 2 Cor 6:14-18
  • Will purposefully walk the narrow road; Luke 13:23-25; where we die to self, and intimately know what it means to take up our cross; Luke 9:23, and where the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and pride of life are rooted out and not permitted; 1 John 2:15-17
  • Will be quick to repent of any sin, not as one who does so just so they may repeat – but one who turns from it to no longer walk in it; 2 Cor 7:9James 4:6
  • Who is careful in what we listen to, watch and find pleasure in – that it is pleasing and not offensive to the Lord
  • Will seek to live Holy lives because God is Holy; 1 Pet 1:14-16
  • Will possess a healthy biblical fear of the Lord that motivates us to live rightly before Him; 2 Cor 7:1
  • Will be looking forward to and expecting – our blessed hope- of Jesus coming for His Bride! Titus 2:12-14

I believe that there are foolish believers and wise believers, just as Jesus explained in the parable of the ten virgins; Matt 25:1-13. Modern Christianity is about the now and convenience, how we can feel good and enjoy our ‘faith’ as one does entertainment, without it being a cost to us, just like the foolish virgins.  For they did not prepare for the awaited and best day of their lives; meeting the Bridegroom, so it will become the worst day  – when they will hear Him say, ‘I do not know you.’

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  1. Good post!
    It is quite interesting to see who partners with who in these recent large gatherings. The unity should be in spirit and truth, not in a common (political!) cause. Many will say did we not do this and that in Your name? But He will tell them: I do not know you.

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