Empty Religion

The room is swept clean and meticulously kept; Matt 12:43-45. Its décor is carefully selected and presented to offer the ambiance of sweet religion.  Songs sung are with beautiful and uplifting rhythms and tones. Most congregants listen intently to the words preached but make it their practice to leave them there when they get up to go, as they have two lives to live and make sure they are not mixed. 

They carry on the rest of the week as they have always done, without ever knowing the Lord Jesus Christ.  They are good with their religion and call it faith in Christ, for they even believe Jesus died for them and are so glad for His forgiveness!  Yet they do not see how they deny Him and care not to know Him.  They have yet to invite Him into their lives but see no reason for they like their empty religion just how it is.  They do not notice how dead they are, so they neither long for the Lord’s Life He died to give them.  They do not see how they insult the Lord and store up wrath for the great and terrible Day; Romans 2:5. It will be they who will make the plea, ‘Lord, Lord, I have done so much for you!’ and God will say to them, ‘Depart from Me for I do not know you, you worker of iniquity!’ Matt 7:21-27.

In that instant, they will see how they rejected the Lord for their comfortable empty religion. 

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