Law vs Grace – A Personal Perspective

One of the things I take pleasure in is taking a piece of old furniture and giving new life to it.  The older, outdated, uglier and hopeless, the better!  For each scuff, abrasion, injury I lovingly examine and determine my course of action for it.  I see them not as something to be hidden rather to be transformed and beautified.  I see my work likened to the grace of our Lord Jesus.  He takes our lives as we surrender to Him and make what was once old, offensive and hopeless and gives us new life. He brushes His grace as I do my paint and removes the shame and replaces it with spiritual beauty for all to see and will glorify His name. 

My restoration process essentially is a reflection of the meaning of grace as the process is about adapting to the challenges that are certain to come and making beauty for ashes.  Just as it is with our lives, as we walk in the Lord’s grace we will stumble and even fall because we still live in body’s of flesh and a sinful world.   The Lord will not abandon us in our failure but will pick us back up so we may continue in His grace according to our need.   Our lives depend upon His grace!

My work is one that is about accommodating the moment that will present itself, and so it will be one of change.  I will have an idea of what and how I will start a project but more often than not, it will end up being entirely different.  For this reason, I do not like to take on custom work because when I do, I no longer have this freedom that helps me create my beauties by being confined to the requirements that are set in place.  The flaws or uniqueness that I once worked with to enhance and showcase become my frustration and pain!

I had a neighbor ask if I would paint her bedroom suite.  For some reason, without any hesitation, I said, ‘sure!’   I heard my words come out of my mouth and knew this was not good but reasoned, how hard could this job be?  Pretty straightforward I told myself.   I failed to recall that the custom projects I have done in the past I increase my expectation to 1000% which turns me into a neurotic lunatic that allows for zero mistakes.  So, as I begin, with each painted coat I am careful to leave no brush strokes which requires frequent sanding.  I end up sanding away so much that the corners are rubbed bare which is contrary to my order request and the starting point of and what normally is a labor of love into a seemingly unending nightmare of unforgiving and relentless judgement. 

I have a shop in the lower part of our home.  Not only is it where I love to work, but it is where I  talk to the Lord.  Where I listen to my audio bible and my favorite teachers and preachers and where I pray ongoing and dialogue with the Lord a great deal.  Essentially, my shop is my sanctuary, where I meet with God.  In particular, this day, as I am going through this now tormenting cruel task, I ask, ‘Lord, is there something I can learn about the things of God in this?’  In such a state of panic, I continue not expecting to hear anything as time was going by, 25 plus hours with what seemed no end to the grief and as the harder I would try to improve, the worse it got.  Instead of tuning in to the Lord, I am almost nauseous now thinking of how I need to find another suite in replace of this disaster I was creating.  Which led me in desperate appeal but surprised myself when I sat down, and asked the Lord, ”Father, let me hear your heart.’

That instant, it was like God captured this whole ordeal to show me the difference and effect of what it means to practice your faith by the rule of law omitting the law of grace.   The Law is for good is perfect and right.  It’s job is not to change us, but to reveal our need to change.  It will always only out our flaw, or sin. The Law makes no allowance for grace – AT ALL   I knew at that moment God was answering a prayer I had previously prayed asking Him to help me capture more fully law vs grace. 

Next to how I normally do my work, in one moment, God gave me a beautiful picture of His grace in contrast to the Letter of the Law.  His Spirit is the paint brush of grace and where He is there is freedom. 

Now the Lord is the Spirit; and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. 2 Cor 3:17.

The Law is good and is meant to point us to Jesus as we realize our need for His grace.  Grace (Jesus) takes our weaknesses so He may reveal His glory to those around us.  When we surrender our lives to Him, daily – He does His work to restore us by His grace.  When left solely in the hands of the Law, we will live hopeless and futile lives trying to ‘fix’ ourselves.  We will only dig deeper into greater condemnation as we do!  When we put ourselves into Jesus’s Hands – He will join in His restoration to where we become His workmanship and a work of beauty in the Lords sight.  

The bedroom suite worked out in the end.  After all this, all that I saw that was so wrong was not, and my neighbor was very pleased with her new suite. 

Here are a few of my exhibits of grace:


  1. Thanks for sharing that! Isn’t God amazing!! In everything that we do there is a lesson to be learned. I think the key is that you stopped and asked Him let me hear your heart, He is faithful, how He answered your prayer and gave you a clear understanding of Law and Grace. By the way you are so very talented and gifted in the masterpieces that you have done, with Him all things are possible! Blessings to you and your family I so very much enjoy your ministry! Praise


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