The Shaking to Reveal what is False has Come!

What qualifies Son-ship?  There are evidences that must be seen to prove this.

God has told us from times past how His People will look, Jer 24:7, Jer 31:33 who have received Christ as their Lord and Savior;  – is by a new heart.

According to Hebrews 8:10-12 here is what qualifies us as His: 

  • He writes in our heart His Laws (we know right and wrong)
  • We become His and He becomes ours (we enjoy fellowship and know His love)
  • We do not have to be told or taught to get to know and love Him (we obey – willingly)
  • Our status, knowledge or standing does not depend on our Son-ship (anyone is granted this gift)
  • Our sins are washed away and no longer remembered by God (we are free to live godly and from sin – and do!)

How many right now are on their way to hell who count themselves in Christ, where the work of the Holy Spirit is not important? The result of such thinking is found in  2 Timothy 3 in Paul’s warning of such a church that is; a form of godliness but denying its power.  Out of this, we will see all kinds of evil inside and hear of such things as suicides, adultery and pornography that are committed by the leadership of such churches!  Not only this, but pastors and leaders who have been found in such sins reinstated of their positions!

We are to have nothing to do with such, or we will be counted in their sins!  Rev 18:3-5.   

Rather, we are to expose the hypocrisy and be tools for God to pluck such ones out by speaking the truth in His Word. 

God is shaking the world and all that is of the world will be revealed and will fall; Heb12:25-27.  Those who are of Him but are found in the world and its systems and beliefs, will be subject to its fall.  Our only anchor is the Spirit of God – in us and who we obey.


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