Issues we face

How easily we get caught up in our issues so they entangle us.  We become captive by the strong hand of whatever (issue) besets us, by allowing its voice to be what we hear and follow.  We become issue focused Christians and set out to conquer them in our various spiritual approaches. How dare the devil do this to us we cry and set out in our warfare praying.  All the while, he laughs of how we are so easily distracted from the truth, even he knows that the Lord Jesus Christ is to be our center and focus in all things.

We will always have issues because we live in a broken world in broken bodies.

Jesus came to tell us of another way, and in fact He said that He WAS the way, truth and life – and that it be only through Him that we could reach the Father (His Throne and obtain His mercy and grace).  As Christians, our state of being and active duty no longer to be influenced by the issues of the day no matter how we may Christianize them.  Our life’s mission is seeking to learn and becoming the person Jesus’s life has granted us to become.  The issues we face are not to be our consummation, but instead by and because of them, we seek Jesus to teach us to walk as He instructs us, not mistaking this to mean that we go to Jesus pleading with Him about them.  He would have us utilize our issues to become like the objects in the gymnasts exercise routine so they become nothing more than the means to grow and exercise the strength He gives us to overcome them.

 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.John 14:6

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