The Emperor’s New Clothes – in Christendom

We have digressed into the theory of relativity within Christendom; What works for you, does not necessarily work for me.  Your truth, my truth.  You don’t know my heart, so don’t judge me.  I am saved no matter if I continue to practice sin or not.  What is considered the ‘gospel truth’ is up for debate within our circles and each other.  There is no absolutes and don’t even mention black or white because it’s all grey!

This is far reaching and widespread and all around and ‘the norm’ because it is a palatable gospel.  It is also shallow.   Our depth depends upon what we are willing to invest in the kingdom of God.  Or put another way, what one is willing to give up will determine what we gain in the Kingdom of God.  The shallow gospel has no such transaction, but rather it is all inclusive, the flesh – and its lusts, the love of the world and its friendship and the open practice of sin all under the banner of (false) grace.

If anyone would apply themselves to Christ by the Spirit they would learn the truth of what the gospel of Christ means and involves.  It is by the Spirit that we are led into all truth.  This truth is one that will change us from the inside out.  It will stir in us a zeal for the Lord and all that He cares about.  If we do not become a people who are moving away from our love for the world, away from placating the lusts of our flesh and our practice of the sins of our choice – we are not walking in His Truth, which is Jesus Christ.

How is it that we can have one foot in the world and the other in Christ – and be at peace?  In answer, there is no such thing.  And what is disconcerting is that ‘all is well’ when it is not, we have become like those in the famous story of The Emperor’s New Clothes, afraid to say what is in plain sight.

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