The Blessing that comes from Fearing the Lord

The subject of:  to fear the Lord is undeniably controversial among believers and yet is considered a blessing if one possesses it.  Like anything we receive what is true (truth) when we desire to know truth.

Understanding the fear of the Lord can only come by the Spirit to all who would desire to know and want to learn from the wisdom of God; Prov 1:1-7.  When we learn it (the fear of the Lord) it becomes an inner knowing that compels to live our lives in honor and reverence for the things of God and His Son Jesus Christ.  For it is the Spirit Himself that only brings to us the Light of the truth of who Jesus Christ is, and as this light shines in our hearts we become sensitive in our desires to not offend God. Rom 12:1.

The fear of the Lord does not make us ‘scardy cats’ always wondering if we are doing right or wrong!  It is more like a safeguard He teaches us with respect to Himself in His majesty, power and glory.  We understand our position and our approach to God.  In the days of Kings you were never to approach a King willy nilly.  If you did you were at risk for being put to death!  How much more does the Almighty God deserve our respect of His greatness and honor due Him?  God is not our pal.  All authority is for us to respect.  Take a look at we lift our foot off the gas pedal of our car when we see a police cruiser!   It is a God given understanding we have inherently in us.  Not so much now, but there was a time when children respected and even feared their fathers!  They dared not do anything that would go against what their parents instructed them for fear of retribution.  Children want to please their parents – in the healthy confines of their authority.

Today, to fear anyone is to go against our rights and so in light of this worldly view, the term to fear the Lord is taken as an offense and thus why there is division and derision on this subject.

It is by the teaching we get through the scriptures that we must go to.  This is where we are to be rooted and grounded and what renews our mind to conform to the image of Jesus Christ.

Here is a (small) compilation of what can be found regarding the fear of the Lord.

An excellent starting point to review is found in Isa 11:1-3.  For it reveals that Jesus Himself contains the Spirit of the fear of the Lord, and He delights in fearing the Lord.  If He examples to us such then should we not follow suit?

Prov 3:7, Gen 20:11; it stops us from committing sin

We will hate evil; Prov 8:13, Prov 14:6

You are a fool, without it and are on the way to wisdom and knowledge with it; Prov 1:7, Prov 9:10

Restful, peaceful and in God’s safety; Prov 1:33

We will obey God above any do what (evil) authorities threaten us; Ex 1:17

We will not oppress one another; Lev 25:17

We will walk rightly and in Gods way; Duet 8:6, Prov 14:2

We must choose it; Prov 1:29

Is not just an Old Testament requirement; Josh 4:24

We are integral; 1 Sam 12:24

Puts you at risk – when you do not fear God; 2 Kings 17:25, Psalms 55:19

Our worship should understand this fear; Psalms 2:11Psalm 5:7,

We are taught by God; Psalm 25:12, 119:38

The goodness of God is upon us; Psalm 31:19, Psalm 67:7

His eye is upon us; Psalm 33:18

We have no want; Psalm 34:9

Fear of the Lord gathers us together in fellowship Psalm 66:16, 119:63, 119:74, 119:79

Unites us to God; Psalm 86:11

We understand Gods power and wrath; Psalm 90:11

God’s mercy is upon us; Psalm 103:11

God’s protection is upon us; Psalm 115:11

We tremble at what it would be like on the other side of God (counted as His enemy); Psalm 119:120

We are blessed; Psalm 128:1, 145:19

God takes pleasure in those who fear Him; Psalm 147:11

Keeps us from premature death; Prov 10:27

We have assurance, confidence and know we are in His will; Prov 14:26

We have access to eternal life; Prov 14:67

We will not be prey to evil and will know eternal life in all its satisfaction; Prov 19:23

Is a daily way to live; Prov 23:17

Is God’s treasure; Is 33:5-6

We will forsake God and backslide if we do not fear the Lord; Jer 2:19

Jesus instructs us to fear God; Luke 12:5

Is accepted by God; Acts 10:34-36

No peace for those who do not have the fear of God; Rom 3:17-19

We will cleanse ourselves from the filth of the world in holiness; 2 Cor 7:1

We submit ourselves to one another- who believe, follow and fear God; Eph 5:21

We conduct our work ethics based on our fear of God; Col 3:22

We walk out our faith with fear; Phil 2:12

Our faith is moved – to action by godly fear; Heb 11:7, 12:28

Our life and conduct; 1 Peter 1:17

Reward awaits us; Rev 11:18

Will be the Gospel preached by Angels:  Rev 14:6-7



  1. Yes! This is what we all need to hear the truth, the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom let all seek it, the Lord is coming for his bride let us be ready church. Blessings!


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