How We often close the door to God

How much we are willing to invest ourselves in anything – will determine what we will get out of our efforts.  This is a well understood principle that is logical and for the most part goes undisputed.  Yet, when it is applied to our spiritual lives, then there comes the debate!

To the degree we yield ourselves to the Living God, is to the degree we are filled with His power and presence.  This is what we know as the process of sanctification. It is a life that commits to dedicate to the ways of God.

What does it mean to yield?

Yielding means, repenting.  Repenting means turning from our own way – or from Self, from our sins, and ultimately from Satan.   It can be done in small increments, or by large swoops!  We are who determines what we are willing to lay down, how much and how far we will go.

If we determine only with our head that we agree with God and not with our actions to follow is as good as not opening the door of our lives for God to enter in.

On the other hand, if we agree with God and determine to follow what we agree with by doing what He instructs us, we have given Him invitation into our lives.  He will remain and continue to work with us as long as we continue to work with Him.   He will not work with anyone who is not willing to work with Him, no matter what other doctrines will say!  To say otherwise is contrary to the God of the Bible, and how He works; Old and New Testament alike.

Are you floundering in your faith?  Wondering why you do not ‘feel’ God in your life?  Are you on a road that keeps coming to the same places without resolve?  Do you sing praises to God, while in your heart you are crying in great loneliness for Him?

Take a look to see where you have not yielded to Him.  Spend time to really search this out – and you will see the doors you hold close against His entering in.

Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me. Rev 3:20

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