Christianity – It’s NOT about You!

Time for some honesty.  How much time do we spend making our life with God in Christ – about us?  Truth be known, we often do this without realizing, giving our old sin nature the voice to speak thereby making our faith about serving us, rather than God. 

This is done for the most part justifiably because most of modern Christianity IS about us; what we like, what we deserve, what we are – and when we are misaligned such as this our position we are and are given is severely skewed and even marred. We become like a people who are square pegged trying to fit ourselves into Christ’s round hole that He died to create for us and was resurrected so we could fit into. It is a hole that never accommodates only the self-less.

The only way we can fit snugly into where He calls us to go is to forsake everything and anything that makes it about us. What I am saying is no small thing, for we are so bogged down with serving our own needs – within the construct of Christ – that we can’t discern between what is of self, and self-centered as opposed to what is Christ-centered and God-honoring. We have learned how to move all that we learn and know of Jesus and God in the word, to fit around us – to adjust to our preferences, rather than having been developed as we allow the word in what it instructs regarding the Will of God – to shape and form us. This is why you have the church at large looking no different than the world around us, even trying to look like the world – so are seen as inclusive and accepting by inviting the ungodly and unbelieving to join us. This is why we can sit in our sin and call it something else because we accept what the world says or has diagnosed it and not what God has called and condemned it. This is why the day is here when the true followers of the Word of God are persecuted and hated because we conform not to this world but are continually being transformed by the renewing of our minds as we obey all that is instructed to us. We are called self-righteous and legalistic by our brothers and sisters – because we follow and obey God. See post –Legalism.

Christ died for us – so that His Father would gain the reward of His doing- and that is a people who can live to serve and love Him – forever. See The Father’s Conversation with His Son. The central theme of Salvation is certainly involving us but is never to become about us – on the contrary, we are to become a people to be about God in Christ Jesus our Lord where our joy, peace, and righteousness is found. We will never be at peace, nor experience His joy and exhibit His righteousness as long as we practice a Christianity that is about us. I challenge all of us to begin to look into this as it pertains to our walk and make the necessary 

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