Breaking the Chains – means opening the Door First

Invite God into every area and moment of your life; in the fears, the regrets and even in the secret places…the dark places, by doing this you allow Him to work on your behalf all that is good and according to His good pleasure in your circumstances; Phil 2:12-14.  In all that you struggle with – be sure to hold the door open for God to to welcome in His presence as it is only to your advantage to do so.  Let your meditation be upon God IN these places in your life in that He is in control and begin to praise Him for this.  Do not let your circumstances, fears and worries or presumptions take front seat because it is very easy to let past mistakes, being wronged, hurt by others or difficulty and troubles speak to us  – for we often give them the power and voice to speak.  When we only think and talk about them, we essentially are giving them glory and not God.  Why not praise God for His greatness, goodness, grace and mercy in your difficulties – and begin to let it be about Him, giving Him the place of honor He deserves and NOT what is troubling or binding you.  Let not these things define you but let God speak and tell you who you are.

God gives to us victory, and can only do so if we believe that He is (our God),  Heb 11:6 and we open ourselves to Him.  As we are in this position, we are giving darkness over to the Light of God; Romans 8:12.

In our usual practice if we are struggling with a sin, we will try to handle it on our own or even hide from God (if that were possible).  Where He only wants us to call to Him, invite Him into the place of our struggle and He gives to us what we need to see, so we would desire to let it go.  If we have the desire to be free from it and to lay it down, He will show us to our freedom that Jesus has paid for us to have; Romans 6:22.

Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me. Rev 3:20

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