Stuck in the Past? Is Depression your only Friend?

You are in it, real and truly – nothing is good all around you. You have nothing to give you a spark to your day, to infuse into you a positive motivation. In fact, the way you see it, there is no way out, right?

How about looking from another viewpoint?  Something like this:

Jesus gave up everything to die for you. In this, He has provided for you new life. Life that is forgiven of all your sin and where you may have a relationship with Himself, and God the Father. This Life is supernatural, divine, and a gift so valuable it is priceless. The only thing that you must do is be willing to give up the old one- the old life. The one you live now is not so happy, kind of angry and really frustrating anyway! If you turn from this one, you can take hold of God’s best for you and then, and only then, will you experience joy, peace and His righteousness and you will never be the same, and will no longer desire the old, for you will be a new creation and your desire will be for God, and it will be your joy to serve Him for He will fill you with His love so you may.

Sound too good to be true? well it is not and why its also call the Good News!

Today is the day for it to be a great day don’t you think? This is Good News and it is Found in Christ – waiting just for you.

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