Sin Can and Does Make Us Sick

When we go out into our gardens, especially in early spring, we will often see it overrun with weeds.  When we see the weeds are we offended by them?  No, because we know they are just a fact of garden life, they will always come and it is our job to pluck them out.  When we stop, our gardens are taken over by them and will choke out a great deal of the plants, and cause many of them to die.  Sin is liken to the weeds in the garden of our lives.

Sin will always corrupt (decay) because it is the bearer of death.  Its very purpose is to destroy.  We will be tempted by sin until we die but that does not mean we must succumb to it.  We may fall, but we must never choose to remain – in sin!   So, how is it that we somehow think that we can operate IN sin and it will have no effect upon us?

Here is the truth we as Christians face – we will always be subject to sin, as long as we put ourselves under its rule.  When we do this, we are no longer under the law of grace that Christ gave to us.  We cannot expect to reap the benefit of grace as long as we obey sin Romans 6:16.

Keeping in this truth, let us go further into what else this implies for us.  Sin always robs from us, and when we continue to live without dealing with it – we will at some point succumb to its power.  Let’s look at stress for example.  What is stress?  It is legitimized FEAR.  We are told to take measures to relax, and enjoy life – and even are counseled to take drugs to help us do this.  Where in truth (of God’s Word), stress is the manifestation of NOT dealing with what is going on inside us.  It is known that stress kills.  It comes from fear.  Fear is a spirit, not from God  2 Tim 1:7.  When a spirit comes into our lives, through our own permission, it has the right to do whatever it will Ephes 4:25-27.   When we sow to our flesh, we will reap what it will yield, and that is sin and corruption Gal 6:7-8.  So this is futility road – for any who walk it, and sadly many who name Christ as their Lord take this road, and perish.  When we allow sin to take the upper hand in our lives, it will always win.  Don’t think that just because we are devout in our faith, in our service for God and do all the things that need doing in His name – that we can still operate in sin and be unscathed!

Some would argue saying that Christ has dealt with our sin on the cross!  We are under His grace when we believe.  And I say, we are saved true, from the power of sin and death – but we now must live according to its law, its truth – so we may reap its properties for us.  In the same way, I have been given a brand new house and it has all the newest and best features.  I will never enjoy this house unless I walk into it and commit to living in it.  We as Christians often continue living in our run down shacks, doing as we have always done while our new home remains empty.  We MUST LEAVE our old, so we can live and enjoy the new.

The definition of sin is a great confusion and argument among the modern church.  In this group we have a large majority who do not read their bibles.  Instead exerts of favorite verses and commentaries of others is what they ascribe to be ‘bible’ knowledge.  Even from those who have professed to be Christian for a number of years have yet to read their bibles from cover to cover even once! This is why sin is often treated as relative, and you will often hear this, ‘God knows my/their heart’ as if this were the determining of what sin is.  This crowd cannot begin to deal with sin in their lives because they remain ignorant in the Word of God (by their own doing) and remain in deception and bound.

I exhort us to take sin more seriously in our own lives.  To get into His Word and read it like it is our prescription for life, because it truly is, right from the Great Physicians own hand.

So, let us as God’s people must make it our vigilance to weed our garden, so that we will grow in health and spiritual strength God gives us.

Let us make every day the day to get right with God always looking and examining our lives in the light of the truth of His Word.   Related: The Law of ChristThe Law of Blessing & Cursing



  1. Sin causes sickness all right. Sin is defined in the bible as “transgression of the law” (1 John 3:4). We don’t have to struggle to define it; it’s right there. When you don’t take the 7th day of every week as a sabbath, that’s a transgression AND it leaves you subject to poor time management and no time to relax and rest. When you eat a ham sandwich or other things that are deemed not to be food (and have scientifically been found to be the earth’s waste management system as toxin storage devices) you’re going to end up with diseases. We know from study after study that most illness is self-inflicted. By all accounts, the fork should have to be a registered weapon.

    Deut 28 from verse 16 to the end speaks over and over to not keeping the commandments as bringing curses–among which disease is pretty prominent with almost a quarter of the consequences being health-related.


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