Time to Wake Up!

I pray that this may be read and taken as a splash of cold but refreshing water that would wake up those of us who perhaps may be in need of such.

This is a warning, and maybe even a rebuke that we all need to know and hear.  Too many souls are believing they are in the Father’s household of Faith because they say so and are told so – but this does not make it true.  Too many souls who say they belong to God yet live change-less lives void of His power.

God will draw near to all who would draw near to Him.  James 4:8

When God draws near to anyone, their life will never remain the same!  Anyone who says God is near them and they continue doing/being the same as they always have – is deceived!

God knows who are His, and they know Him. John 10:14

The knowing that is described in the bible is very intimate and often used to describe sexual union.  This kind of knowing requires honesty, commitment and time spent to develop relationship and intimacy and devotion and loyalty is not optional, but constant.

Anyone who says they know God and He knows them, and remains unchanged and doing/being the same as they always have  – is deceived!

We cannot remain enslaved to our bodies, to our sin and to this world – and say we are God’s people.  We cannot continue to live without desiring and pursuing life to serve God – and say we are His.

We cannot continue to talk like the world, live according to the world’s philosophies, prescriptions, doctrines and culture and say we are followers of Jesus.   If we do not feel the pain of a crucified life – we are not His. Luke 9:23Gal 2:20

Faith in Jesus Christ in His death and resurrection and what it affords us is not a faith of mental assent.  This kind of faith that we have will be impacting to our lives- every day and in every single area.

To be void of unction in the pursuit of seeking Him, taking daily the time with Him, and to lack the desire to read and study our bibles is a serious indicator that something is wrong – in anyone who says they love and believe in Jesus Christ as the Lord.

Do not settle for this kind of religious mental assent, and believe what the false church tells us…’all is well!  We are covered by His grace!’

Jesus warned us saying that many will believe they are His, but He will reject them saying that He never knew them!   Matt 7:21-23

Further reading: Does Jesus Know You?  A Day in the life of the 10 Virgins


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