Time for some Spring Cleaning!

The more we open up our vessels to God, so His light may shine to reveal truth – the less area that the enemy has to use in attempt to tempt us.

The goal is not being perfect but rather in placing our entire trust upon the Lord Jesus Christ.  This means we confess to Him what lies within our heart by becoming honest first with ourselves, then with God.   When we become honest and humble, we have made room for God to speak where we are able to hear Him.  As we walk towards the light and out of the dark, we walk in His perfection, by grace.

It’s not only about sins we commit necessarily, but also about confessing to Him specifically in things like what we fear, what we use or do to sooth and/or satisfy, when we are angry and so on and so forth.

It is like we are inviting Him into our house, and letting Him into the rooms, closets and drawers where we hide things, that we just don’t want anyone to see, or where we throw things we just don’t want to deal with.  When we do this, He brings His light and He opens to us how we can begin dealing with them.  We participate with Him as we dialogue (prayer) with Him in these matters, as well as reading the Bible – where He is able to open to us the truths we need specifically to see and do.  He will open to us His knowledge, wisdom and understanding – if we desire Him to.

It requires a commitment and our diligence because there will be some things we just will not want to look at let alone deal with, but He will take us by the hand and walk us through step by step.  The greater degree of difficulty we see it as,  will likely be  equivalent to how it has power on our lives to weigh us down in ways we don’t even know – and are also called strongholds.  But we can rejoice because Jesus has come to set us free as we allow Him to live in us His life!

Those closed off rooms, closets filled with our skeletons and drawers containing very hard things – are all places that we inadvertently have given to the enemy of our soul, and they are places where he can dwell and essentially has the power to call the shots.  These are the places where he can create depression, anxiety, anger and hatred and can become all consuming.  He does all his work in the dark places, and because they are areas where we have hidden them from ourselves, others and God we sign them over to Satan.

The only thing that holds us back is ourselves.  Not Satan.  Satan only has what he has in power over us because we have given it to him.

A good time for spring cleaning to begin I would say, for all of us, so let’s begin going through the rooms of our soul and invite the breath of Life to enter in to bring His refreshing.  Let us receive His Truth and apply it into these nooks and crannies so they no longer are hidden so they may be dusted, cleaned, disinfected and filled by the Spirit of God.

I know that we all have rooms like this – until the day we lay down our earthen vessel, so let us roll up our sleeves and begin to let the light shine into the darkness one room at a time.   If you don’t know of any such places in your soul, ask God – and He will direct you to one!

But if we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from all sin. 1John 1:7

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Unfiltered Prayers, song by Marla Reid


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