The Devil walks like a Roaring Lion – that many also Love

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. 1 Peter 5:8

Who may he devour?  Those who do not see the need to follow Jesus as He has commanded so then is given the right to take these ones to do as he may.  For they do not walk rightly before God but they walk right in their own eyes (Prov 14:12), and pride always proceeds destruction (Prov 16:8).  This destruction is not only an outward thing for in reality it is a destruction happening inwardly to the very soul.  For as any walk in the way of sin, they are in danger of becoming hardened from hearing the truth and even repelled by it (Heb 3:15).  Some would say, ‘I do believe and follow Jesus!’ yet are as blind as blind is and cannot absorb what is true from the Word for reason that their hearts are not true and cannot receive its goodness.   For anyone can say they believe and even say they follow – but this is not necessarily what is true.  For to believe is to follow and before anyone can follow rightly, they must have a true heart before God, of confession of sin and of repentance.  Which manifests into the complete turning from – all that is sin, to God.

Repentance is a word that has no meaning today, in the great majority of Christian circles.  This is because these people have bought into the false gospel, which does not contain repentance at all.  They circle around the doctrine of love and grace.  The god of this world who is the devil, has like a smorgasbord of souls he sows his poisonous lies to for they flock around him like adoring fans.  For it is he that is the ‘god of love’ that they have created and follow after.  He has their worship, and gives to them what they ask for.  For in giving to them they only spread their gospel, so that many more would join them.  He does not mind giving to them what they ask, for he has a motive for everything he does.  Most of which looks quite noble, pious, charitable and very loving, but dead, in God’s eyes.  All the while, he is laughing at them for how easy it is to lie to them.  For if they would only read what has been written they would see the truth of what they do –  and what he tells them is not of God at all!  But even in this, he is able to speak to them to easily distort because they do not commit themselves to the Word to study it and believe all what it says and to put it into practice in obedient faith.  Instead he has taught them to use the bible, to serve them.  He has raised up a great many speakers, teachers and authors to propagate the ‘power’ in the words of the bible, if you quote them you will get all you need, and they have yet followed after another idol in the name of Christianity.

We are told in the epistles, that many will follow after deception, and today we live in this reality.  Jesus warned long ago, few will be ones who walk the narrow road that He commands us to walk on, because it is difficult, which means only those who are willing to count the cost (Luke 14:28) will be the ones who will walk it (Matt 7:13-14).  The narrow road demands there be a death first, ours – and this must be a daily dyeing (Matt 16:24). For no one will be able to carry their self and to serve self on the Narrow road Jesus provides for us.  We must cast aside and be counted as dead – before we may proceed to walk the road called the Way.  We must no longer serve ourselves and the god of this world if we are to understand the Truth and we also must apply the Truth in all its resurrection power so we may receive His Life:

“I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” John 14:6.

May we be careful that we walk the true road that Jesus has walked first and so commands us to join Him, for along this path, will He bring us into His Kingdom.

May we not forget that there is an enemy who is against the power of the cross of Christ, and will say, do and be anything that will tempt us away from it, to follow after his wiles Eph 6:8.

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