The Last Call

Oh the greatness of God!  The wonder of Jesus Your Son – whom holds all your love!  The fury of your jealousy and the depths your mercy will go!  You will leave no stone unturned, for You are the creator of all things, and do not want one to perish.  You assign to your own the mission to go and reach the least of these, to give to them a cold drink in Your name, so they may be refreshed and come to their senses – and see that You Are.  Not only that you are, but that you are – FOR them.  The foolishness of words that fall out of ignorant mouths saying that you are cruel and full of hate, they do not know what they say!  You laugh at their foolish words, but laugh only so long, for you turn to each one in seriousness, extending to them one more chance to surrender to the Love you are and that is found in your Son.  For You know the span of each ones days, and so you do not let them go without yet one more act of your grace.  For some, though only but a few, they do hear and fall down before you in complete surrender and take up joy and peace in their last hour.  They are ones who know the meaning of your love, mercy and grace as you wipe every evil deed and thought they did all their lives, and grant to them a place in your Kingdom, they hear your words now, ‘come, and enter in My rest I have for you in my love!’ Then there are the rest, who hear your final call as like an annoying fly buzzing in their face so they shoo it away in anger.  For this is who you have become to them, an annoyance.  With each time your voice was spoken to them, they turned away and their hearts learned to hate – you.  The host of hell made sure that this was so and they were a willing partner with his schemes.  You never will stop, with anyone – calling to them to hear your invitation…. “Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.  For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.” Matt 11:28-30.


  1. […] Darkness descends and expands- as leaven leavens the whole lump.  Evil is taking its place making ready for the end of days.  I speak My Word continually,  so that any who would desire to hear Me – would!  This is why I say pray for more laborers to tend in My harvest.  Labor now in prayer, for those who are lost as they are like those who are found in the wayside where My seed (Word) is sown.  They who are found in this place, have little chance for My Word to penetrate into their hearts to grow and bring forth fruit, because the enemy, who is the devil, owns the land of the wayside and he quickly removes My word from their hearts.  But I say, pray – over the wayside, and stand in vigilance over it in Spirit so that when My Word is sown, the enemy will not be able to snatch it away.  Where is the Wayside?  It may be in your very homes for it is everywhere.  Begin now, and wherever you go out, pray over these places, saying:  “ I claim this land/ area/ family, etc. for Jesus Christ and His Word.  I proclaim that Jesus is Lord in this place and He will have His way”  In so doing, the soil has been prepared for the Word to take root.  This does not mean that all will have My Word take root and yield fruit, but it has made a way for the few who will be rescued out of the hand of the enemy into My Kingdom.  I desire that none would perish, and I am asking for the few who are lost who will hear Me when I call out to them – but these ones need My People to take their place in the labor that lies ahead.  Do not stop to pray for more laborers.  For some will be those who will prepare the soil, some will be those who deliver My Word, in planting My seed, some will be those who will care for My plants, you all have a place to work.  Begin now, to offer up prayer over the wayside for there is yet more work to be done!  This is a Word from the Lord!  Last Call […]


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