Sin’s Needless Saga Among Us

I think that we as believer’s in Jesus Christ have far too great of a sin problem in and among us, don’t you?  The churches are full of all kinds scandals of sin.  Christian books, conferences and retreats are in great abundance on the subject of our issues and problems that stem from sin.  Mental illness plagues believers in the same numbers as among the non-believing.  Why is this?  I would guess that it is because of not understanding the sin issue and what Jesus has done for us regarding it first and foremost.  Then there is a complacency regarding sin, almost like a sense of immunity that comes from false teaching and being ignorant regarding the power of sin, and its effect upon all who would engage with it.  Jesus broke the power of sin over all who trust Him as Lord and Savior.  But this power does not automatically go into effect once we say ‘I do.’ While we receive the forgiveness of sins upon our confession of faith in Him, we must appropriate His work of freedom from the bondage of sin daily.

When we put ourselves close enough to sin, we will be drawn in by it, like a magnet.  A magnet has no force upon a steel object unless the object gets close enough to it.  Our part is to keep away from the closeness of sin so the force of it will not easily lay hold of us.   We enter in all sin through being tempted – and temptation is not a sin and God does not do the tempting. James 1:12-15.  Wherever there is temptation to sin, there is always a way of escape from it.  1 Cor 10:12-14.   We will run into problems when we do not live proactively, which is to be aware, alert and understand that there are lures and traps all around and what sin actually is. 1 Peter 5:8.  I am amazed at the arguments on what qualifies as sin and what does not, that is another subject in itself and I sidetrack.  Moving on, these traps usually aren’t offensive to us and instead they will be pleasing, delightful, full of all kinds of pleasures we would enjoy. When we are not on our guard we put ourselves at risk in following through to commit the sin that calls out to us.  Prov 4:14-17.  We may not take notice as we enter into sin’s territory for it is often subtle in decent and we mistakenly take the ‘silence’ of any rebuke to mean we are doing okay in the eyes of God.  Though the conviction of the Spirit is present many of us dismiss this to be nothing and when we waffle around enough, it will eventually fade away.  This is how we walk in deception and unfortunately most go about their lives this way oblivious to sins consequences, which is reaping corruption.  Our minds, heart and body become corrupted and will be revealed in some way or another for it is the law of sowing and reaping.  Gal 6:7-8. When faced with turmoil, conflict or some kind of negative happenstance there is the usual reaction which is to pray and ask God to do this, or do that so all will be well again and will be absolutely no thought of any self-examination in light of the Word of God and what He says.  Why is this?  There is a false sense of security placed upon spiritualized platitudes and scripture ‘promises’ and they nullify responsibility we have concerning sin in our lives. James 4:8 1 John 3:3.  Just quote scriptures as the mantra of one’s choice because all who believe in Jesus are covered ‘under His blood’ after all, then continue on YOUR way.   I call this the plastic gospel, for it looks so good and appealing and certainly will grab the crowd’s attention.  Of course it will, because there is no cost to anyone who signs up for it this side of heaven and that is its appeal.   In truth to go in this way will be at the cost of our very soul!

What is troubling is that those who could benefit from reading this or anything else that speaks on this subject, will not because it does not have any appeal, indication of what I say is true.  May the Lord open the blind eyes and pierce the hardened hearts with the truth of His Word!

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