What Do You Believe?

If I were to ask those who say they believe in Jesus Christ as their Savior, ‘What do you believe?’ How would you answer?  If I were to ask, ‘Why do you believe this?’ What would you say?  If I were to ask, ‘How do you know that you believe is true?’ Could you answer?

Why I ask is more for our own reflection and check so we may take a look at the why/how and what it is we believe what we believe.  Often, we believe in Jesus out of what are taught and told and it just becomes part of us.  We do, because it has always been done, we live this way or that way because this is what we have been told by others.  I think that this can be good for certain things but not so much if it is the foundation of our belief system.  In the day where information on anything can be accessed at the press of a keyboard button, we run the risk of allowing this second hand information to be what we base our faith upon and it can become our dependency that  we mistakenly call our spiritual food.   Then our reading, the praying we do, the study of the bible are largely conducted under the influence of others – rather than on our own personal seeking of God.  I do not say that to follow, listen and believe what others say is wrong in and of themselves but that we need to be careful they are in their proper place and not instead of our own personal quest.   I emphasize that our walk as a believer and follower of Christ is first individual and of personal pursuit where we set out to learn who He is for ourselves.  We open the pages of scripture and search them like there is  treasures to be found.  Dialoguing with our Creator in what we read and doing what we hear to do.  We find regular time where we sit with Him in prayer, telling Him our heart, and desiring to hear His where He opens the pages of His Book to reveal the light of His truth.  We learn the mystery He unveils and begin to mine it like a treasure laden cave, the mystery being ‘Christ in you – the Hope of Glory’ Col 1:27.  If you have not yet resonated with this mystery, even to a small degree, this may be good indication that there has been a dependence upon man to tell you what only God can.  But then again, I may be just speaking my own ‘take’ on the things of God, right?  How do you know what I say is correct?  And this is my point, I pray that we understand that it is up to each of us to learn and seek after God for ourselves careful to not allow the middle man to do our work for us, amen.

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