The Keepers of His Flame

The underworld, Satan’s Kingdom does exist.  It is found in our world and even within our own hearts!  Jer 17:9. His Kingdom is earth-bound, rooted in the sensual and appeals to our carnality – our flesh appetites and it also captivates our intellect that stirs up pride of life.  1John 2:16.  In this place you will find every wicked demon freely to roam going about the business of their master the devil.  Revelation18:1-3.  The power in this Kingdom is Sin and is the force, inspiration and nature of all business that is conducted, the chief Steward being Satan himself.  To serve him are a vast host of demons who bow to his every order.  They are each filled with hell’s fury knowing that their time is running short and they have yet so much to do.  They each are specifically trained and skilled in the tasks they are sent to engage in, they are counted as superior in the field they work for they all have had since the beginning of time to learn their trade.   They are able to capture without effort the unsuspecting using the enticement best suited. The enticements are either to intrigue their prey using benefits they may desire or they will use fear of many kinds. They are able to establish much in mortals who commit sin against each other for anger, bitterness, hopelessness and fear only pave the way to a hard and unforgiving heart against man and even God.    They especially thrive where they are able to secure unforgiveness within these souls because unforgiveness is like an open door where can freely come and go doing all they please to torment not only them but others through their refusal to forgive.  They laugh and hope that these poor humans never understood how detrimental it is when they do not forgive others!   Matt 18:21-35

The underworld thrives greater than that of the day before for the love of many is growing cold and people are becoming haters of what is good and despisers of God.  2Timothy 3:1-9.  Even the godliest of soul Satan has Special Forces to snare them into his lair.  His success depends upon how true they are to who they say they believe.  For many in this group are greatly devoted to the things of God, but they do not make Him to be Lord of their life.  These ones rely on what they know about Jesus Christ and God rather than getting to know who they are in truth.   And Satan dispatches his legion to make sure they do not seek to personally connect with the living God, by making sure they are filled with a lot of head knowledge, insights and good works.  They make sure they are surrounded by the truth, but keep them away from setting out to know the truth for themselves.  Then there is another group that Satan despises to the core!  Though they be a very small group they are devoted to God and keepers of His Flame as the Spirit of God dwells in them burning with His white light.  Because this people believe and trust in Jesus Christ they make it their life’s work to follow Him in all He has instructed them.  Only a select group of Satan’s host will even attempt to contend directly with this crowd!   So the usual course of action that the satanic kingdom does for these ones is to attempt to distract them through outside sources.  The evil ones look to how they may get these devoted followers attention off of their God and will use any and all they can to do so.  They will strive to sink these souls with cares (and worries) of life by having them look at the natural realm as what they are to live by – and not according to the things of God and His Spirit.  They know they must act quick, for they have learned that this group looks out for one another, and are often met with their brother and sisters gathering around and praying for each other – lifting up the name of Jesus on behalf of the one in need.  Next thing you know, the one in whom they are targeting to devour comes to their senses and seeks God and turns to Him with a confessing heart.  To offer insult to injury to this pompous swarm they are met with horrible sounds to their ears – the praises that this soul expresses to God with all joy and thanksgiving!   It is clear that this one has made right their path, looking once again with unwavering eye upon their God -they have no choice but to flee from such a God glorifying presence!  James4:7.  You see, the underworld hates prayer and worship that is offered to God in Spirit and in truth.  John4:23-24.  For the prayers of the Saints of God bind and loose the very things that have taken them so long to put into place!  Matt18:18.   Satan sends out a specialized army to stop such prayers.  He employs many avenues and tactics to bring results, for it is because of these prayers that many of his great plans have been thwarted and overturned and is his aim to bring any down any who are ones who are able to reach the throne of God in prayer.  For these ones are the ones who cast mountains (of sin) into the sea!  It is through their prayers that lies (2Cor 10:4-6) are brought down and where the Spirit of the Living God sends forth His Word to accomplish what He wills in bringing the revelation of Jesus Christ His Son upon souls who are dying to know.  Isaiah55:11   

May we understand truly that we fight not against flesh and blood but against the underworld’s army and be counted as victorious in our tour of duty, Amen!

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.

Ephesians 6:12

Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.

James 5:16

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