A Psalm to the Lord

Who is God but the Lord God Almighty! He is the Alpha and the Omega – knows all things.  He has created all things for Himself.  Everything there is serves His purposes.  Nothing is outside of this.  He counts everything according to His plan.  He uses those who are against Him like they are putty in His hands.  They have nothing they can do that will stand against Him and what He desires.  Satan himself must work according to what God allows him – he follows His instructions.  Therefore I put my trust in God through Christ Jesus my Lord.  I am longing for the Day where I will be in His presence so I may worship Him and behold His face, oh what a day this will be!  As we are coming to a close here on earth, the evil grows deeper and in more proportion to consume the good.  This too is part of God’s great plan.  Though I see and hear of great horrors that are happening around our world, He knows it altogether.  I look to the sky, above this earth into the unseen for my help, for this is where God is – where He watches, and instructs.  He hears me when I call to Him, and looks my way with such love in His eyes and I am in awe.  For He knows me!  He knows my every thought even before I think it!  I am His beloved, found in His Beloved – and His zeal for me is breathtaking.  I love my dearest Father, and ask that He only give me more love for Himself, for it must be His love that I love – otherwise it is not true love.  I will rest my eyes upon my God, to watch for His orders, His instructions and His encouraging word – for this is what I take great delight in, to hear Him and obey Him.  May He protect me from the evil one, that I never stray from His righteous Right Hand. 

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