Jesus, a Good Idea or Your Reality?

It has been reported through various statistics that on average a very small percentage of Christians, approximately 20% read their bibles daily. Out of those still there are fewer who make it a regular practice to read it from cover to cover. In light of this we will say that approximately 90% of Christians do not have a full grasp of the knowledge that is contained in the pages of scripture. I call this group Christendom; though they be very committed and contain sincere love and belief in Jesus they do not necessarily follow Jesus Christ to know Him. What they do follow is an idea of belief, faith and love for Christ. An idea is basically flat, though it hold many great components it remains without life. You can pour into an idea to add to what it contains and be totally committed to growing your idea, be enthusiastic and even speak brilliantly on your idea’s subject. An idea always looks great on paper, but it isn’t until you put it into practice will its flaws be revealed. Because we have this vast number who rely on others to teach scripture and feed them Christian crumbles they are at risk for being deceived. I was once part of this group being quite devoted and well learned in all that was taught to me through others. I was no less passionate then I am now, only I was serving and adding to my Idea of Christ and not a reality of Him in my own life. The problem is not the learning from others in itself, but instead it lies in what we constitute to be our personal pursuit of Jesus Christ. Practically speaking, when you do not read the bible, from cover to cover – you will not gain the knowledge it contains, nor do you understand the context or historical value let alone learn who God is and His Son Jesus Christ. Alternatively, when we only read scripture as knowledge and do not put it into practice, it will remain only an idea unaffected to our lives. We can still be very lost and destined for hell in this place because we have not received Jesus Christ the Son of God – we received an idea. It is like being on a highway that is parallel to the main highway, it looks and feels like you are heading in the right direction, but you still are not on the right road. Deception is always near but not quite truth and will not easily be spotted to the untrained eye for it will look, sound and feel right, good and godly. For to hold to an idea as your faith in Christ cannot ever contain His life – His Spirit, His Power and His deliverance. The faith in the idea of Christ cannot ever know joy and peace nor can it ever receive His love to give it to others. The faith in the idea of Christ will only take you so far but not far enough. The faith in the idea of Christ will keep you in the world – to love it and to continue taking part in it and will also permit you to continue in the lusts of the flesh. You will also remain in your sin to be in bondage to it. Your faith is not alive.
The faith and belief in the idea of Jesus Christ was never intended but unfortunately is the reality in Christendom. Where the intention of God is to give us true life through that of Jesus Christ and this must be experienced to become a reality and this is the work of God upon all who lay hold of Him, in Spirit and truth – and not as just a good idea to live by. See also Do You Love the truth?


  1. Amen. True love for Christ results in dedication and then that supernatural spark will make the fatih a living reality in every aspect of one’s life (John 14:15).


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