The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil


We can come to the tree of knowledge of good and evil and gather all the knowledge it will yield us and it can all be true yet is remains as a curse that it has always been, for it is the tree where Satan freely dwells.  It is the place where he may speak and where he speaks, he will always twist and confuse.  See Genesis 3.

Satan uses knowledge as his tool to deceive especially to those who are on the inside who seek after God.   He will either allow knowledge to be the center of everything – which will have accomplished his objective, or he will slightly twist the knowledge to make a case of his own devise which is always anti- Christ yet because of his extensive skills he is able to present a very god like, pious, and spiritual form for those to partake in as he lays out his version of practice, philosophies and principles.   Because Satan can work easily in lives that will give ear to the tree of the knowledge of good and evil his deception easily flows into hearts and minds that will embrace this angel of the light.  He will give to them a ‘holy spirit’ like glow.  He will give them an ecstatic sensation with evidence of a new tongue to follow.   Satan will do all he can to have a people within the church system think they be followers of Christ, where they in fact are followers after him!  They give to him their worship, for in their hearts they look after a feeling, a sign and a wonder – and he gives it, if they will worship him.  The very words he spoke to Jesus are for us today; IF you worship me, I will GIVE you all these!  See Matt 1:1-11. What did he promise Jesus?   All that the fleshly appetites would want.  What did he challenge Jesus: To not rely on God, but to look for things to satisfy – ‘turn these stones into bread.’ He also goaded Jesus to play a game with God, by throwing himself down so that God would have His angels catch Him.  Which Satan still does, when he beckons those to call out to ‘demand’ for things that are ‘rightfully’ yours; and in this he works to deceive many by giving them what they have demanded for.  They do not realize that they praise him (and not God), as they give their thanks and glory.   As a result of all this, we are a mixed people, of true Christ followers and those who follow after their own god, which is in Satan.  The difference between the two are this; the true are ones who learn not to depend to have their flesh satisfied.  They do not look and seek after signs and wonders.  They are a people instead who strive to be humble towards their God, knowing that in them they can easily stray so they refuse to trust themselves or others – but only God.  They are a people who understand that a contrite and humble heart is their safety and know and desire the fear of God.  They live by faith in Christ and seek to live clean and holy lives which comes at a cost to them, but they do not think of that but only to be pleasing to God. Where the other are a bold people, who name, proclaim and decree what is rightfully theirs ‘in Jesus name’ and do not to look into their own hearts to lay down sin that lurks within.  They are a people who ‘live by faith’ in Christ, so they no longer have to manage sin in their own lives.  They practice what they call worship by singing songs they like, and have pleasing musical beats and rhythm.  They ‘enter’ into His presence – through the leading of the pied piper of their preference, yet they know nothing of entering in.  For it is in the stillness and quietness of one’s own prayer closet bringing to God songs from their hearts and the creating their lives as vessels of worship 1 Cor 6:19-20 – that is true worship for it is in Spirit and in Truth John 4:24.  Instead, these people are rooted in the tree of the knowledge of good and evil – which is all sense based.   They know little to nothing of the Tree of Life, which is Jesus Christ, who is the way, truth and life; or what it means to live in His Spirit.  As true followers feed off of this Tree, they throw off what binds them, which is the sin Christ died for in that they live no longer to be right or seek after signs, wonders and supernatural and experiences.  Instead the mark of their authenticity is they do not count their own lives anymore but only Christ’s life – in them.  Which is that they live not to follow after their own appetites, desires and needs, but they seek to learn live the new life that Christ provides all who believe on His name.  A life that is not found rooted in the Self, in pride or in the world.  1 John 2:15-17.  

We live in times where we must be vigil, to strive for what is good and acceptable in the sight of God.  Romans 12:1-2. Where we do not regard our own lives – but give all we have to follow His will and path, which will never be found in things, doings, gathering of material and riches, attaining good standing or in seeking after experience.  All that matters, is our lives being rooted and grounded in the Son of His rich love – where we find life Col 1:12-14.  Let us seek after the Tree of Life where we can find rivers of living water that will satisfy and provide all we have need for.

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