Always Remember Where Home Is

We, as followers of Christ walk this earth as in a foreign country, that which is not our home.  We walk in a way where we are about our Father’s business, as His ambassadors 2 Cor 5:20, 1 Peter 2:9.  The world looks to us as an unappealing concrete tarmac – to serve only as ground we walk upon 1 John 2:15.  We look not to participate in any of its appeals, but have eyes only to conduct our tasks that lay in our hearts – that our Father has placed.  We endeavor to walk hand in hand with weak ones, who are wanting to follow but have not made the full commitment to do so Matt 28:19.  We speak into their lives the truth of the Word and are diligent to keep them in the truth Romans 10:14-15.  But some will depart from us because they are easily swayed, and we set out to find them for our Father.  Often we find them that they have happily settled in to partake in the many sinful morsels cloaked in lies – so they bite in.  They see their surroundings as ‘what they have chosen and like’ where we see as what it is, a heap of derelict surroundings, a garbage dump inhabited by many other lost souls who think they are happy – with their choices, for they are gratified.  Some have even brought their bibles to this place and have somehow justified there being there and taking part 2 Tim 3:1-9.  The stench you smell – to them smells pleasing.  You are offended by the rodents and insects scurrying around – they do not even notice them.  For they are not discerning to see the truth, and continue to play in the devils playground.  Your heart is filled with the Father’s love for them, and you are grieved with his grief for all these lost ones.  Continuing to speak to these one, continuing to pray for them, you see an awakening!  You see one with eyes that have the look of questioning – and you share some more, they begin to hear!  You take their hand and you walk them out of the pit and they finally see what they have allowed themselves to live – for in contrast they have breathed their first breath of true life and will not look back and rejoice with you in joy!  James 5:19-20


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