Our Body the Temple

This story is an attempt to explain a vision I received that I believe came from God.  He opened up to me what our body, His Temple looks like as homes where the works of the flesh are personified. 

I see a row of houses and am taken on a tour of one in particular and the manner of this home I sense is disturbing and unsettling. It is cold, lacks care as I see broken contents strewn about.  I am hit with a foul stench mingled with a tangible sense hopelessness and doom.

I see coming to view some occupants (works of the flesh; Gal 5:19-21),  who share lodging here one of which goes by the name Anxiety who also happens to keep close company with Fear and Torment.  They spend their time together huddling in a corner where they discuss the reasons to justify their being in this particular home; 1John 4:18.   Not too far from the huddled group I find seething – one called Envy consumed to pursue always for more and better than what it already has.  BITTERNESS assists ENVY by reminding and affirming the misery of not having enough and of all that they rightly deserve.  JEALOUSY’S ear is always open to the conversation between these two to carefully record pertinent information that may lead it to possibilities for who may become a threat.  HAVOC nearly always ensues this trio – because ACCUSATION is continually pointing its finger causing regular disturbances.

GREED speaks to each occupant of this homeowner by giving his appraisal that indicates the need for more and frequently reminds them never be satisfied and content; James 3:15-16.  As I walk down the hall, I see SHAME quickly hiding things as it sees me coming. The room SHAME occupies is filled with hidden nooks and crannies to easily conceal what is to be ignored and denied and to remain hidden at all costs.   I am amazed because a quick change occurs before my eyes to where this room has become squeaky clean even with a fresh bouquet of fragrant flowers!  SHAME’S skillful talent is to make what is ugly disappear and fade into the scenery.  I see a newly placed bouquet of flowers, a lovely selection of snacks and books carefully laid and upon closer inspection they are not real and are only fake props! Psalm 4:2.

I pass by to another room, containing one piece of furniture – a chair.  This chair looks like a throne yet there are chains on it so it could bind whoever sat upon it.  The throne is where this homeowner makes it a regular practice to sit and willingly become subject to a cruel master.  This master has become the one in charge of this homeowner and goes by the name Destroyer; John 10:10.  Because the homeowner willingly obeys this cruel master, he has become his slave;  Romans 6:16.   There is a fresh pool of blood on the floor, broken glass and splinters of contents strewn about which reveals the latest beating.  I feel great pain in this place, sorrow and hopelessness and want to leave for it is so powerful and I know I am a target while I remain here Matt 26:41.   I flee from this room to discover a room adjoining to it of seemingly contrast, but they are of the same.  The Destroyer conducts a great deal of his business in this room for it is where he gains control. This particular room is quite decked out, lots of captivating gadgets, bowls of treats and enjoyable upbeat music.  PLEASURE, COMFORT and ESCAPE reside here.   This palace-like room contains and freely distributes ADDICTIONS and when one participates with ADDICTION they are sent to the throne room so they are reminded they are a slave and are under the masters rule and torment.   This room offers alluring temptations that boast great and swelling promises to provide escape from life’s demands and relief from the torment the Destroyer inflicts.  It is a reciprocal tormenting circle. When the bait is taken a dose of pleasure is given just enough so that it will create a craving for more. While outwardly this room is captivating and appears exciting and enjoyable in reality it is full of sin and death; James 1:14-15.

In the hallway again, I realize that there is a voice that speaks throughout the house, much like a sound system that continually plays chants in mesmerizing tones to lull the homeowner into complacency to insure that Truth is never a possibility to search for, Truth that sets souls free; Isaiah 44: 19-21.  The chant for this moment are, “It’s all good!  You are right, and they are wrong!  Keep the fight and stay strong!”   The chant changes from day to day but is always in keeping a lull the soul to sleep.

I understood why the rooms smelled of death, for the wages of sin is death Romans 6:23.  There is no life in these walls.  I see the door and make quick haste to exit – I am filled with sorrow for I just experienced in my tour a soul of one who is under the rule of the flesh.  The works of the flesh become evident; anxiety, fear, torment, envy, bitterness, jealously, accusation, greed, shame and addiction (idolatry).

I am outside and away from the stifling and life-sucking home of this poor soul and marvel as I tune my ear to hear the beauty of creation call out – pointing to God and wonder why this was not heard by the homeowner I just left;  Romans 1:19-21.  The birds chirp with love for Him.  The wind blows and speaks.  I can hear God speaking:  ‘I am the Truth, the way and the Life!’  and how He continually speaks out, for anyone who would have ears to hear!

I walk to the next house and enter. The atmosphere here is in sharp contrast to what I had just left,  I am immediately met with a Host, who looks at me with inquisitiveness and ushers me in with gladness.  I am asked if I would like a drink of water and if I am warm enough – for there was a stack of very cozy blankets at the door waiting to bring warmth and comfort; John 14:16.  I accept a drink John 7:37, for the visit from the previous house left me extremely dry, and because I still felt a chill from my last experience I gladly take the blanket and wrap it around me  I immediately feel rejuvenated with new life! 2 Cor 5: 3-5.  My Host gently takes my hand and leads me through each room and I sense great peace, and am able to collect my thoughts and have quieted and listen to Him with clarity Isaiah 26:3.  I see before we go any further an elaborate alarm system and it is connected to my Host.  It has gone off, and I notice that there is a very dark strange man at the door – he says his name is FEAR and he is asking for me!  The homeowner is notified through his gracious Host – and I see this man extinguished like a smoldering flame before my eyes!  He was literally snuffed out!  My Host explains that this homeowner is diligent to keep his home free of such intruders because his home is the temple where the Holy Spirit dwells and informs me that it is He who is the Spirit He talks about.  Both the Homeowner and the Holy Spirit work together as a team, and I see how wonderful they work together; John 14:16.  I hear a beautiful song in the background and am told that this homeowner sings continually to the Lord in praise and thanksgiving Hebrews 13: 15 declaring that the walls are Salvation and the gates are praise in beautiful melody to the Lord Psalm 150.   The Holy Spirit joins in and the musical notes seem to come alive and the atmosphere is one of healing and deliverance Isaiah 61:1-3.   I see that the rooms are so clean and are clear they are regularly washed – and my Host tells me this is what the reading of the Word does to a home Ephes 5:26, it washes it and gives the light of truth to shine making bright the home.   I hear continual engagement between the Lord and the homeowner – it is so very delightful to listen to.  There are great calm and peace between them with joy and love.   I walk down a bit and see a room that seems to be under construction and I see the work that has already been done and completed – I am awestruck!  The intricate detail of the room was unlike any other in its beauty.  I saw a wonderfully constructed chair that was just being completed.  In the feature of its design was an imprint of some sort – and my Host directed to me to look closer.  My eyes grew wide as I realized that the imprint was that of a very difficult time – in the homeowner’s life – but now it had been turned into an embossed signature of God’s presence and it was laced in gold it was breathtaking!  Because the homeowner gave to God this difficult time, putting all trust in Him and following His direction through it God was able turned it into His gift lavished with unspeakable joy in all wisdom and understanding giving it back to the owner; Matt 16:25.  My eyes scan around and I realize that this room is where tribulation, pain and suffering has taken place – as given under the authority of the Master He is able to create beauty out of the homeowner’s pain and suffering; Isaiah 61:3. The decorations in this room are glistening with such detail and brilliance it is a marvel to behold and they seem to be alive James 1:12.   Joy rings its sound in communion with the heartache of the homeowner and they work together in the building that the Lord calls forth. For I hear echoing ‘what was meant for evil He has turned to good – to those who love Him!’ Romans 8:28.  I see the intensity of the pain that was submitted to God – and the sorrow that was placed into His hands James 1: 2-4.   In this room I feel great hope, faith and love.

We move on to another area – and it encompasses the entire home.  It is called worship – and it is alive!  It is the living sacrifice of praise, the giving to God all, and the laying low in humbleness before Him – with a heart of love.  Worship is the principal activity in this home in all that is said and done – for He is worthy of all our worship and praise now and forever John 4:24, Psalm 29:2.  I am caught up in the dedication, the seriousness and the reverence that this homeowner has – and how the Holy Spirit fills up all the space made in worship – to bring glory to the Father!  Words cannot explain this glorious wonder!   1 Cor 1:31.

I am nearing the end of my tour but do not want to leave for I feel at home here!  My shoulder is gently tapped, and sadly I turn to make ready my departure.  I look up into the gracious Hosts eyes and at that moment He reveals to me that we just walked through my home the Temple where God dwells in me!

I am sharing what is true for all who are the Saints of God, for we are His Temple.   Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s.” 1 Cor 6:19-20.

When we walk according to the lusts of our flesh we will reap what it is we sow.  Our Temples are turned into torture chambers and a house of lies full of sin; Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap. For he who sows to his flesh will of the flesh reap corruption, but he who sows to the Spirit will of the Spirit reap everlasting life. And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart; Gal 6:7-9.  


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  1. […] God revealed to me as I sought Him for meaning of such a disturbing dream, that we as the Temple of God are these houses.  And sad reality is that we can and often fall victim to the same monster.  We invite him in when we sow to our flesh, that is when we let our flesh lead us and not the Spirit.  He gave me a vision of going on a tour of our Temples and was able to see this reality. I describe it on my blog; Way Truth & Life in a post titled: Our Body the Temple. […]


  2. […] The voice of God is a power that is equal to none.  It builds, and it breaks. His voice is clear and never in confusion and straightens crooked places.  His voice is for the good to all who search for it, but like a prick to those who hate it. His voice calls out freedom to all who are captive. Mercy, justice, love, and grace is found in the voice of the Lord. The voice of the Lord is no match to the devil and all his schemes, for He rescues all who are under the evil one’s rule who would hear Him.  The Voice of the Lord is good where joy is found and peace that passes all understanding. His voice is the Way that leads us to truth and life.   Related Post; Our Body the Temple […]


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