In A Marriage That Is Dying?

Are you in a marriage where each day that comes brings deeper hurt, frustration, fear and pain?  Are you wishing you were rid of your spouse?  Or that your spouse would change?  Have you prayed so much that you just don’t know what else to pray or do?

If so, I encourage you to a perspective change – that will bring you to where you need to be.  This can only be done through your willingness to walk a different path.  If you are ready, I will share with you the secret to peace, love and joy- brace yourself for it is not a road that is well traveled.

We all know the story of Abraham when God asked him to take Isaac and kill him as a sacrifice to Him.  This is to be the beginning of your journey you need to embark on.  Take your marriage, your spouse, all the unmet expectations, lies, hurt – all of it and place it on the altar.  It must be offered to God.  In this, you no longer bring up any of it to your mind, memory or life – it is dead now.  But at this alter, you now take up the living God, Jesus Christ and put Him in its place.  For we often don’t realize that the bad marriage or the difficult circumstance, can and does become our idol.  It’s all we think about, it’s what we are in bondage to where fear is our ‘spirit’ that leads us.  Now as you come away from the altar you are immediately confronted with real life issues.  Instead of bowing to the issues, bow before God.  With each issue, seek Him.  You will face some hard obstacles, one being – the need to forgive.  Think of forgiveness as WD40.  When you apply forgiveness to the circumstance or person that you need to forgive – then God is able to enter into that place and do His work.  For unforgiveness is like iron bars shutting out God from entering into the situation.  Even if the spouse continues in the thing you have forgiven, forgive some more.  In this you will be freed from within to how it once has bound you.  To forgive like this from the world perspective is an abomination!  But remember, we live according to God and His ways.  As you walk each day, you submit to God first in everything, minding that you do not seek out to tell others about your problems.  Instead ask Him to show you your heart and He will take you down a road of inner house cleaning.  As He shows you, you take each item in acknowledgement as sin, repent and receive the forgiveness Christ provides.  Do not let the wind and the waves of the day throw you off from keeping your eyes upon Jesus.  Study Him, who He is, what He came to do, and where your life is in light of this.   As sinful behavior continues in your marriage by your spouse, give it to God, like an offering – and determine not to let it touch you – to influence you in how you respond.   God will give you wisdom, and boldness it things you must do and say that may be necessary – and will cover you with His grace.  You will notice that fear that once had a hold on you, no longer does.   Do not let divorce or separation be what you think about, instead, let God be the one who determines what needs to be done and He will guide you accordingly.

As you walk this road, you will see with your own eyes the mighty hand of God working in behalf of you.  For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him 2 Chron 16:9a.  You will be one who experiences peace though your circumstance that may look otherwise outwardly, and God will give you love for your spouse that you never had before and you will have joy in the midst of it all!

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