Are you covered by His Blood?

The first Passover – was the picture of Christ, covering those who are His – under His blood.  Exodus 12:12-13.   All who were in homes where the blood was applied, were passed over by the angel of death – and escaped God’s judgement.   Christ’s blood that was shed, is now our covering, in that we receive the forgiveness of sin to escape the wrath that is to come.  Rom 5:9.

Yet, while Christ’s blood covers completely and we all have been provided for through it – we must understand like the Israelites had to follow the directions God gave in applying it.  For the power of His blood to have full effect we must understand that we have an enemy as well as to understand the application of His blood in our lives.

You see, there is an enemy who is like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.           1 Peter 5:8  We have been given an absolute and most valuable treasure – which is matchless and priceless where to which this enemy looks to destroy in us any power it has.  Job 1:7  Mark 4:15  2 Cor 2:11  Ephes 4:26-28 James 4:7.  We are in a war, and we must battle continually – with no rest and are consistently encouraged, strictly warned and rebuked throughout scripture to contend Ephes 6:10-18.

Through His blood, we have His protective hand upon us, and though we may be scourged and squeezed through trial– when we are in His protective custody, like Job, it is by His hand and we can trust the work He is doing in us for our good – as we submit to Him.  However, to move out into the pathway of sin indulgence – we are stepping out onto the enemy’s turf and his rules then take effect upon our lives.  In fact, he looks tirelessly for blood bought saints as to seek entry.  He watches our every move, and lays out his traps specific to our weaknesses, strengths, disposition, past lives etc.  He continually tosses morsels and creates scenarios around us that he knows will tempt us.  One of his specialties is to involve that of unforgiveness, bitterness or resentment.  For he understands more than any of us, the power and principle of forgiveness in one’s life.  Moreover, he also understands the right he is given when unforgiveness lies within a heart.  Matt 6:15  Matt 18: 21-35.  For as one sows into their heart, they will reap its consequence. Gal 6:7.  To be in unforgiveness, is to be on dangerous ground where we are subject to the torturers!   The havoc in many believer’s lives – could very well be as the result of this underlying issue of the need to forgive.  No amount of binding and loosing or prayer and fasting will touch such situations until this very thing is settled – and this applies to all sin that may be practiced.

His blood was for us, so we may be cleansed of our sin as we walk in the light. 1John 1:7.  Take note, as we walk in the light – we receive His cleansing.  What does the light of Christ do?  He shines upon things so you may see clearly – the dirt!  As we are shown the dirt that is on us, in us – we deal with it; which is to repent of it and be cleansed of its filth, and oh how beautiful is His blood that washes us clean!  How wonderful that we have the assurance of being in His hand and through His blood covering us!

Do not think that you are getting away with ‘little’ sins.  Do not think that because you do not hear God in letting you know you are in the wrong, or are there is no conviction of certain sins – you are safe!  Be vigil, in keeping your house clean so you do not give place to the evil one.

May we be like the priests of old who understood the holiness, preciousness and power of the blood – so we would handle and apply it with the utmost care in the fear of the Lord – Amen!



  1. This is an excellent post but you said one thing that bothers me. You said that Satan “lays out his traps specific to our weaknesses, strengths, disposition, past lives etc.” What to you mean by “past lives”?


  2. […] If you see that you score poorly next to these biblical evidences of spiritual growth than this is a good place to start in getting ‘your house in order!’  for we are called to work out our salvation – which means we are to put to practice what is the calling of everyone who believes and follows Christ.   2 Peter 3:18.  We are too be a people who do not rest or take a break from who we are in Christ. Begin today with going before God in repentance for your neglect, and commit to Him your heart, mind, body and strength to love Him in all you do, think and hear.  Mark 12:30.  See also: To Be or Not To Be – Born Again, How Does One Enter In?, The Fact and Fiction of Salvation, Are you covered by His Blood? […]


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