What is the Point?

What is the point?

He is.  Jesus.

Facing a hard situation or people? Do not look to the people or the situation as the problem because they are only symptom so don’t look for freedom from these but instead, look to and for the point.

Determine to put all your energy, like you have never done before – in finding Him.  Call to Him, want Him. Watch and pray – after Him.  Look for Him in scripture and ask Him to reveal Himself to you and don’t stop until He does.

Leave it- all the mess and turmoil that goes with it- with God and commit it to Him. Then, take the time you would normally invest in such a way to seek Him (the Point) as you have never done before.  Careful to not seek for things, not for help (out of the situation) – but to find Him.  Let this be your first and foremost in all that you do. He will give to you what you have need of as you seek Him in this way –Matt 6:33.  Submit to Him, all the fallout that is of the mess that comes your way in what you are going through – and determine to hear what He says, and will direct you to do,.  It is important you are careful not be act or reactive out of your own habit, desires and mindset.   Be humble, repent.  Not your fault?  Perhaps if you were to look at how you previously reacted you may find areas that might need some attention.  When we allow the Light to shine upon us, we will always see areas in our lives that could benefit with a good cleaning!   Our crises we face can often  take over – and they become our world.  So when we shift from that way of ‘dealing’ with it, and make Jesus our world He then becomes our way, our truth and our life; John 14:6.

Let Him find your way, as you give Him the place He deserves.

Currently you may not be experiencing any such difficulties.   Jesus remains the point, and we all need to follow this counsel.

I pray God’s voice to be heard as you seek His word and all your paths be directed by His perfect will.

See also Jesus is the Point in all We Face   Time for some Spring Cleaning


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