Who Do You Say That I AM?


I AM the Way

I Am the Truth

I Am the Life John 14:6


I AM All and in All Col 1

I AM the Alpha and Omega Rev 22:13

Where I AM you may be also John 12:26

Those who would come after Me they will have Me, and find My Life; Matt 7:7,8.  What I say is true; John 3:32-34.  For any who will follow after Me I fill and thesewill have My Spirit; John 7:39, John 14:26.  It is by My Spirit that any will find My Life; Acts 4:31.  My Life is not found in this world; John 18:36, but many who are deceived follow after another whose image they have made – so this god will suit to their tastes – and they serve the god of this world.  For as many as I call only a very few follow after Me so they may be chosen Matt 20:16  For I am strict and precise so those who are mine and they are able to hear My voice.  Is a Shepherd easy and generous?  No, for this is not how he would be able to keep his sheep safe and in his care, he trains them to listen to his voice and he leads and guides with firm prompts and commands Psalm 23:4. I came to earth, and said many things and what is recorded is somehow explained away.  When I say that anyone who comes after Me must hate his mother, brothers and even himself – there are few who take this up Luke 14:26.  It is strict.  When I say that a man must forgive anyone who has offended them or My Father will not forgive them, this has not been taken seriously by the majority for it is strict and precise Matt 6:15.  I tell that in order to find life one must give theirs up, that to follow Me he must first deny himself and take up his cross– words that are strict and precise Matt 16:24-25.  To believe in the Son is to follow Him in all that He has spoken – for this is how faith is shown, by your works John 15:10 James 2:14-20.  Many have gone astray because they have taken the broad road and call it My grace.  Where did I say that any could continue to walk in sin and be My disciple?  I have said that if your eye causes you to sin, then pluck it out Matt 5:29!  I said that your hand causes you to sin then to cut it off Matt 5:30!  This is strict and precise.  When I say that all who are weary and heavy laden come to Me for My yoke is easy and My burden is light – this has been taken in error as a way of coming and finding rest from the burden of life.  This is only half true.  For I too will place My yoke upon all who would come to Me for rest.  My yoke is what I use for all those who are mine to lead and guide them.  When any come to Me there is an agreement to be made and that is that they accept My yoke and My burden that they are to carry Matt 11:28-29.  This is strict and precise.  For those who have followed after this wide road – they forget that I have said that My way will be narrow and it will be difficult Matt 7:13-14.  This requires a cost to My followers Luke 14:17-29, for on this road demands continual obedience to My teaching 1 John 5:3.  My life has been cheapened in the context of this grace (deception) and requires nothing from its followers.  They do not accommodate My Spirit within them; instead they expect My Spirit to accommodate them.  They have not realized that the god they worship will be who they will imitate and the one they serve is a lover of self and the world.

Those who are mine with each day they live are closer to looking like Me; 2 Corinthians 3:18.

Who do you say that I AM?


One comment

  1. What a wonderful & Christ-centred piece of writing. I just LOVE it!
    I love how you keep repeating, “This is strict and precise.” You are 100% correct in this.
    I have spent several years thinking and praying about the “denying or dying to self” and all that this means.
    It requires everything of us. We are to be willing slave/servants to the Lord Jesus Christ & love Him first and above ALL else.
    Keep writing brother, it is a blessing.

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