Christmas Affair

Picture the scene, Jesus full of a rage that no one was expecting, for they had never seen this side of Him.  They knew Him to be compassionate, patient and loving.  A healer.  Who was this they were witnessing?  He was going about the blessed temple in such anger.  He attacked all those who depended upon this as their income to live, He carelessly tossed their precious goods aside.  He cared not of what this would do to them, to their livelihood.   His anger and jealousy was expressed clearly as to who it was He cared about.  He was revealing to this ignorant people what it was they were doing; making His Father’s House – a den of thieves.  Matt 21:11-13


The sanctuary was filled with lightheartedness, the smells of spices mingled in the air for the spiced cider awaited the congregants after the service.  The lights were especially beautiful twinkling with such joy.  The songs of celebration were sung with special enthusiasm for it was the eve of Christmas and all were exceptionally jovial.  They came on this day to give honor to Jesus in His birth and it is something they have always done and took great pride in.  Keep Christ in Christmas they say!  One day in a year that they may freely proclaim Him and they will continue to give honor to their Lord in this way as long as they live!

They just concluded the service and were about to be dismissed when this man enters the room.  He looks around and takes in all the sights, He takes a deep breath and begins at one end of the room with arms of destruction, acting like a maniac!  He pulls down the lights, the tree, He tears down all the wall decorations the candles – everyone is in horror.  They wonder why someone doesn’t grab him and haul him out of this most sacred place, how dare he they think.  He must be demonized and just can’t handle the holy atmosphere they conclude.  He takes His place to the stage, the pastor cowers and shrinks to the back for all sense His authority.

“My Father will not have you make the birth of His Son a place of idol worship!  You have taken what is holy and turned it into market place mockery! You call this worship, but I say – it is not I you worship.  For have I not said, you shall not have any other God nor any graven images? Ex 20: 3-5   You have taken what is holy and made it profane, and join with the world in its vulgar rituals.  Do you not remember when David had the Ark carried on the cart of an ox?  I am exact in what I command as worship to Me.  Yet, you have created your own form of worship and honor to Me, you have brought down what is holy, like that day – for they did it according to how they saw fit 2 Sam 6: 1-7 .  You say, ‘oh, but we can glorify your name in it! We can share Jesus Christ to all in this thing called Christmas.’  I ask, can one offer sacrifice to Baal and at the same time witness to the world Christ?”  See Also Why I Quit Christmas

Note:  Sometimes I will get pictures that come to me that I believe are from God to help me see how He sees and feels regarding various things, this is one of them.  Below are some more that I have attempted to describe what I see.

What Kind of House Do You Keep – an allegory       Come Away My Beloved      The Father’s Conversation with His Son       The Cell- an allegory     Praise Revelation


  1. I agree with you.

    I too have written both about Christmas and about when David carried the Ark of the Covenant on a cart and Uza was struck dead for touching it.
    Should you wish you can have a look at my articles at the following links.

    Christmas is such a mixture of lies, pagan things and materialism that I have given up with it altogether for the last 2 years. It has been liberating for me to do so but it is not an easy thing to do. You can feel like a fish swimming against the tide. But then, that is the true Christian walk always isn’t it? We are a called out people and we live for a different master.

    I am enjoying reading your blog posts. Be encouraged.
    Blessings to you in Christ my Saviour
    from Helen


    • Thank you for your link and will have a look. Thank you for your kind words. Yes, the walking away from Christmas is not a small feat, but when the Spirit leads, you follow and are blessed. May more of our brothers and sisters see this need as well.

      Liked by 1 person

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